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Photo Gallery

Senator Ann Northrup with KCDD council members

Sen. A. Northrup with KCDD council members

KCDD council members attend the 874K Coalition Rally '06 in Frankfort

NACDD 2005 Annual Conference held in Lexington, KY


KCDD members in San Diego, CA for the annual NACDD conference

Voices of Autism Rally in Frankfort

Rep. Brinkman and Nicholas Killin (14 yr old from Richmond with Autism) speaking of HB188 and Autism in KY

Sen. Boswell & KCDD Past Chair, Cheryl Dunn

Sen Harper-Angel gave her full support for HB188 in a speech at the ASD Rally

874K Coalition Rally '08 in Frankfort

Sheila Schuster (874K) intriducing Gov. Beshear /  Ms. Wheelchair KY

Gov. Beshear presented KCDD member, Barry Gilbert, witht the proclomation of the State's Disability Day.

Attendees gave the chance to visit with their district Legislators

874K Rally at KY's Capitol, Frankfort 2010

KCDD Staff, 874K Rally 2010


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