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Areas of Emphasis

 At this time the Council is addressing the following:

Quality Assurance: People have the information, skills, opportunities and support to live free of abuse, neglect, financial and sexual exploitation, and violation of their human and legal rights and the inappropriate use of restraints or seclusion. Quality assurance systems contribute to and protect self-determination, independence, productivity and integration and inclusion in all facets of community life.

Health: People are healthy and benefit from the full range of needed health services.

Formal and Informal Community Supports: Individuals have access to other services available or offered in a community, including formal and informal community supports that affect their quality of life.

Education and Early Intervention: Students reach their educational potential and infants and young children reach their development potential.

Employment: People get and keep employment consistent with their interest, abilities and needs.

Transportation: People have transportation services for work, school, medical, and personal needs.
There are total of 9 areas of emphasis. The Council is currently addressing 6 of the 9. The three that the Council is not addressing is Housing, Recreation and Child Care.


Last Updated 2/11/2010