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CCDD Committees

The Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities has the following standing committees: Executive, Public Policy, Finance and Council Affairs.

The council has developed work teams to address areas of emphasis in the five-year plan.

These specialized segments of the council are profiled below:

Full Council


  • Receive input and consider recommendations from all committees and take necessary action to achieve the approved goals and objectives consistent with its vision mission, purpose and values
  • Develop, approve and monitor annual administrative budget.
  • Recommend the annual budget required to implement five-year plan priorities.
  • Utilize the planning retreat to develop the five-year plan as well as annual amendments to the plan.
  • Review progress of the five-year plan at least on a  quarterly basis.
  • During the five-year planning process, review information, secured at public forums and from surveys to determine the needs of Kentucky citizens.
  • Review and recommend an annual plan based on priorities areas within the five-year plan.
Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee

The executive committee is made up of the council chair, 1st vice-chair, chairs of the Public Policy, Finance and Council Affairs committees, a state agency representative and the council's immediate past chair.


  • Function on behalf of the council between regular meetings in matters requiring immediate attention.
  • Take action on issues that must be dealt with between council meetings.
  • Complete an annual evaluation of executive director and report to full council
Finance Committee


  • Prepare a proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year to be presented to full council.
  • Make recomendations to full council when funds can be shifted.
  • Review on-site findings to insure grantees spent allocated funds according to council guidelines.
  • Monitor the expenditures of the council to insure state guidelines are followed.
Public Policy Committee


  • Develop the legislative agenda/priorities for council approval
  • Foster collaboration with all disabilities organizations to coordinate legislative education and advocacy
  • Educate policymakers and legislators regarding disability related issues
  • Review, monitor, track and follow up on impact of current trends and state/federal legislation/regulations and take proposed action consistent with council mission
  • Review, monitor, track and follow up on information secured from public forums and surveys to identify legislative and advocacy priorities
  • Recommend action needed to fill gaps in state plan to improve statewide coordination of services
Council Affairs Committee


  • Provide for the development of and recommend for approval to the council bylaws, policies and procedures needed for the operation of the council at council's direction
  • Provide for the training and orientation of council members
  • Develop bylaws, policies and procedures for recommendation to council for approval at council direction
  • Provide for training and orientation of council members
  • To seek applications for vacancies on the council and make recommendations to the council to be forwarded to Governor's Office
  • Present a slate of officers at the annual meeting
  • Seek applications from candidates for council positions


Last Updated 10/21/2014