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Office of Autism

The Office of Autism was established to:

  • Create a centralized location to coordinate statewide and regional efforts to enhance the quality of life and independence of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder and to support their families and caregivers
  • Improve coordination of autism resources within the system of care supporting children and adults with autism and help make those resources available to families and self-advocates
  • Be the center of a communication network sharing autism-related information among state agencies, and
  • Provide administrative support to the Advisory Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders to unify and promote initiatives aimed at improving Kentucky’s system of care.

For more information about the Office of Autism, please contact:

Amy Cooper-Puckett, LCSW
University of Kentucky Human Development Institute
1525 Bull Lea Suite 160, Lexington, KY 
(Monday – Tuesday - Thursday)

University of Louisville Autism Center
1405 East Burnett Ave., Louisville, KY (Wednesday and Friday)

KY Advisory Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders

In November 2013, the Governor's Office issued an executive order establishing the KY Advisory Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders. A second executive order in July 2014 amended the original order and broadened membership of the committee. Current committee members are professionals, parents and individuals with autism.

The committee meets quarterly and meetings are open to the public.

Committee members as of June 2015:

Gregory Barnes, co-chair
University of Louisville

Harold Kleinert, co-chair
University of Kentucky

Joy Baum
Arc of Kentucky
Allen Brenzel, MD
Ally Brooks
Jonathan Campbell
Center for Autism Spectrum Evaluation,
Service and Research, UK
Tal Curry
Dept. for Public Health
Kristen Dawson, MD
University of Kentucky
Lynne Flynn
Dept. for Medicaid Services;
Eric T. French, II
Paula Goff
First Steps
Buddy Hoskinson
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
Natalie Kelly
Crystal McAliley
Eddie Phillips
Dept. of Public Advocacy

Jackie Richardson,
Comm. for Children with Special
Health Care Needs

Mary Karen Stumbo
Larry Taylor
KY Autism Training Center
Scott Tomchek
Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center
Melanie Tyner-Wilson
Diane Underwood
Dept. for Community Based Services;
Kim Walters-Parker
Professional Standards Board
Anne Weaver
Parent representative, Commonwealth
Council on Developmental Disabilities
Anna Stewart Whites
Gail Williams, MD


Last Updated 4/26/2018