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Financial and Utilities Resources

Sometimes families have a hard time managing the expenses of life and need to turn to agencies or programs that may be able to lend a financial helping hand to avert a crisis. While it is beyond the scope of this guide to list every possible local resource, a number of agencies exist statewide and serve all or most counties.

Programs available in all counties is the governor's website created to link Kentucky families to resources they need. The first section deals with financial assistance for different circumstances.

Community Action Agencies
Community Action Agencies (CAAs) serve every county and assist families who have difficulty meeting basic needs through emergency assistance, employment services and heating/cooling/weatherization programs. To find a local CAA, visit the Community Action Kentucky website or call 800-456-3452.

Department for Community Based Services/Family Support provides a variety of programs (most notably Medicaid and food stamps) and maintains offices in every county. Find the local office at the DCBS website.

Programs available in many counties

United Way
Currently, 22 Kentucky counties in three regions nearest the largest urban areas are served by the 211 information and referral phone service. Many other counties, but not all, are served by the United Way. To find a local United Way, check the United Way of Kentucky website or contact 502-589-6897.

Family Resource and Youth Service Centers are school-based programs designed to help children and youth overcome barriers to learning. These centers are wonderful resources that can help families find programs in their communities. More information is available at this website.

Other resources

Many local churches or houses of worship, whether large or small, are willing to assist with emergency needs. In some communities, ministerial associations or full-service denomination agencies, such as Catholic Charities, Jewish Community Federations, etc., exist.

Many national organizations or state/regional chapters of such organizations help certain populations (people with certain disabilities or diagnosis) and are listed on the Diagnosis-Specific Resources page.

A variety of charitable patient foundations exist. Examples include United Health Care Children's Foundation and the Colburn-Keenan Foundation.


Last Updated 12/15/2016