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The Commission's Foster Care Support Program

The Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs has three programs specifically developed to support Kentucky's child welfare system.

These programs are the result of collaboration among Cabinet for Health and Family Services agencies including CCSHCN and the Department for Community Based Services Division of Protection and Permanency and Medical Support Section.

Medically Complex Foster Care Program

The Medically Complex Foster Care Program provides nursing consultation for medically complex children and education and ongoing training for foster parents through monthly home visits with a DCBS social service worker. Approximately 160 medically complex foster care children statewide currently are served. All CCSHCN offices participate with DCBS to provide services to these medically complex children. 

CCSHCN Nurse Consultant Foster Care Support Program

The CCSHCN Nurse Consultant Foster Care Support Program includes all children in or at risk for out-of-home-care. Currently, more than 7,000 Kentucky children are in out-of-home placement. These children are the  most underserved and most expensive pediatric populations in terms of medical, dental and behavioral health needs. 

Many children receive multiple front-end services while their chronic healthcare needs may not fully be met. These children tend to move frequently in the system, yet their health records often do not follow them. Health care providers do not have the benefit of health histories and records of previous diagnoses, treatment modalities and medications. Social service workers have limited medical background and may experience difficulty interpreting medical records or health care reports.
The Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs hired nine nurse consultants to reside in each of the nine DCBS regions to provide consultation to social service workers and foster care families on medical issues. In addition, these nurse consultants interpret medical records and reports, assure updated Medical Passports, enhance care coordination of all services and track the utilization of all health services including prevention and wellness programs.


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Last Updated 11/5/2015