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Health Insurance Resources

Several types of private and public healthcare coverage is available. The resources below may be of help in obtaining coverage.


This website helps consumers and advocates explore coverage options and find out which private insurance plans, public programs and community services are available.

Kentucky Physicians Care

While this program does not provide health insurance, it may be a resource to those who are uninsured, ages 18-64. For more information about this program, call 1-800-633-8100 or visit its website.

Patient Services Incorporated

Patient Services Incorporated: PSI provides insurance case management and premium assistance for individuals with some severe chronic conditions. Applications can be made at its website or call 1-800-366-7741 for more information.

Government-Sponsored Programs: Medicaid and SSI

Medicaid Programs:  Apply with local DCBS Family Support office

  • KTAP - this includes time-limited monetary assistance as well as Medicaid
  • Medical-Only (Family Medicaid) - as above, but no monetary assistance available
  • KCHIP - coverage for children whose families do not meet the income threshold for traditional Medicaid programs
  • Spend-Down - for those with high medical expenses that, when subtracted from income would make them eligible for Medicaid
  • Home and Community Based Waiver
  • Presumptive Eligibility - prenatal care for pregnant women while Medicaid eligibility is being determined

Supplemental Security Income provides benefits for disabled children within certain income guidelines. Apply through Social Security or at one of 27 Social Security offices throughout the state.


Last Updated 11/18/2016