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Family Resources

The links below are to agencies and organizations that can provide resources for a variety of needs. These services are not provided by CCSHCN.

Inclusion on these pages does not imply endorsement by CCSHCN. This list is not intended to be complete and other resources may be available in your area.

Featured Resource

Independent Living Centers

With offices in Louisville and Murray, and services offered across the entire state of Kentucky, the Center for Accessible Living (CAL) is a disability rights and resource center for people with disabilities. CAL provides information, advocacy, and services that create opportunities to live as independently as possible. CAL offers information and referral related to housing, transportation, work, personal assistance, education, recreation, legal issues for people with disabilities, assistive technology loan programs, housing modification plans and funds, ADA rights and responsibilities, and SSI benefits and work incentives counselors. Other independent living centers around the state are listed on, and linked at, the Statewide Independent Living Council website.

Resource Pages

Coping and Mental Health Resources
Tips on finding providers of mental health; resources for support in navigating the system; and assistance for children with developmental disabilities.

Diagnosis-Specific Resources
Links to groups and organizations that provide support, information, and assistance to individuals with certain conditions or diagnoses.

Financial and Utilities Resources
Discussion of agencies and programs available statewide that may be able to assist families during times of financial crisis.

Food and Nutrition Resources
Links to prevention and intervention programs aimed at meeting one of children's basic needs.

Health Insurance Resources
Information regarding affordable and adequate health insurance coverage for children.

Housing Resources
Discussion of programs and services available to assist families in finding and keeping living arrangements including subsidized rental, homeownership education programs, tenant advocacy organizations, and safe shelters for homeless and those experiencing family violence.

Prescription Resources
Links to KY Prescription Assistance Program; a brief synopsis of Patient Assistance Programs; pharmacy chain discount programs;  and discussion of other solutions.

Transportation Resources
Discussion of Medicaid broker system; public transportation and paratransit and other solutions.


Last Updated 1/22/2014
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