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Transition Resources ages 18-21

These resources align with the Transition Checklist used in CCSHCN clinics to help parents and patients find appropriate resources and move toward independence.

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Ages 18-21: Health
Ages 18-21 Independent Living

Do you have plans for after high school? See Journey to Adulthood - a Transition Travel Guide

Do you know what to do to enroll in school or training and apply for financial aid?

Do you have plans for independent living, housing, transportation?

Do you know how to manage money and budget household expenses?

Do you have a driver’s license or state ID?

Do you work or volunteer?

Do you know about transferring records when I turn 21 years old? Check with your pediatric health care provider for more information.

Do you have shopping, cooking, laundry, and housekeeping skills?

Have you registered to vote and understand the importance of exercising your right to vote? Do you understand the value of voting for candidates who support disability rights and services?

Can you take care of your personal needs, have identified someone to help, if needed? See Journey to Adulthood - a Transition Travel Guide, pages 81-84].

Do you know how to hire a personal attendant, if needed?

If you have an IEP or special needs concerns, answer the following:

Do you know how to get any accommodations you need for work or school?

Are you aware of the Job Accommodation Network which is a free service?

Are you aware of Medicaid waivers? These waivers provide a funding stream for community living supports, residential, respite care and other services.


Last Updated 12/7/2016