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State Plan

Kentucky's Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Plan focuses on meeting the need for child care through specific strategies.

Eligibility Criteria

Kentucky targets eligible children who:

  • Have special needs;
  • Receive, or need to receive, protective or preventive services;
  • Are children of teen parents;
  • Are children of parents who participate in the federally mandated welfare reform program (K-TAP); and
  • Are children of low-income parents who work and/or attend an education or training program leading to self-sufficiency.

Eligibility Guidelines

To the extent funding is available, maintain gross income eligibility at 140 percent of the federal poverty level for initial application;

To promote parental responsibility, families with an income above $900 a month may be accessed co-payments.  (The number of family members does not change the amount of the co-payment.) 

Families that receive child care subsidies are responsible for paying the co-payment directly to the child care provider.

Quality and Accessibility

Incentives added to the daily rate for accredited providers ($2 a day), providers operating nontraditional hours ($1 a day) or providers serving children with special needs ($1 per child per day).

Market Rate Survey

A market survey of child care is conducted every two years. The most recent market rate survey was completed in 2005 and submitted with the CCDF State Plan. The results show that a family in Central Kentucky can expect to pay $24 a day for a child under two years of age or $21 a day for a preschool child attending a licensed center.


Last Updated 3/31/2015