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Registered Providers

A parent may use one of three types of providers: licensed, certified or registered.  If a parent chooses to use a registered child care provider, the parent will need to provide the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) agent the name, address, telephone number, Social Security number of the provider and where the care will be provided.

A registered child care provider is not subject to licensure or certification by the state or federal government, but must meet all requirements of the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) as outlined in External Link922 KAR 2:180. Registered providers must meet the minimum health, safety and training requirements and not live within the same household as the child.

Providers who register shall:

  • Renew their registration once a year;
  • Obtain six (6) hours of approved and documented training within ninety (90) days of their application;
  • Not be allowed to provide other home-based services such as: family care home, personal care home adult day care or supports for community living;
  • Verify that the provider and all adult household members are free of active tuberculosis every year;
  • Complete a Child Abuse or Neglect (CA/N) and Criminal Records Check (CRC) for all adult household members every year;
  • Provide a statement from a medical professional stating the applicant’s general health and medical ability are good enough to care for a child;
  • Report changes within ten (10) days. The provider will be ineligible to receive child care assistance payments for one year if he/she fails to report changes in his/her situation.
  • No payments will be processed until the provider is provisionally approved.
Provider Resources

Child Care Assistance Program

The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) provides access to quality child care, allowing parents to work, attend school, and/or participate in the Kentucky Temporary Assistance Program (K-TAP).

Child Care Aware of Kentucky
Child Care Aware of Kentucky provides child care providers with access in locating quality training and professional development opportunities in their local area.  For information regarding Child Care Aware of Kentucky, call (877) 316-3552. 

External LinkChild Care Aware of Kentucky


Child Care Assistance
  How To Find Child Care

Fraud And Abuse

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