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The STARS for KIDS NOW program is Kentucky's voluntary quality rating improvement system for Licensed Type I, Type II and Certified Family Child Care Homes. Programs are rated using a one- to four-STAR level system.  How to Become a STARS Rated Provider

The STARS for KIDS NOW program is part of the KIDS NOW Initiative (Kentucky Invests in Developing Success NOW!) and is administered by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

STARS participants are encouraged to review the administrative regulations for guidance and understanding of the operational policies, procedures and regulations governing the STARS program. 

Every day in a child’s life makes a difference, so choose child care carefully. Look for the STARS.


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Search for STARS Rated Facilities
Find a STARS-rated center in your area searching by county. Find out if your child’s center is STARS rated.

Search for Early Childhood Related Links
Find state and national links containing information applicable to early childhood professionals and parents. 

Information for Parents
View a PowerPoint presentation on quality child care and what a STARS rated center means for your child. Print out a parent brochure and parent cards specific to the STARS level of your child’s center. 

Information for Providers
Visit the Parent page to print the parent brochure or parent cards to hand out to the parents/guardians at your center. Also, visit the provider page for a PowerPoint presentation on how to begin participation in the STARS program, awards charts, and more.


Last Updated 2/8/2017