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Division of Protection and Permanency (DPP)

Revised Alert:
The Kentucky State Police Automated Fingerprint Identification System will be out of operation from October 29th - November 16th.  Fingerprint-based criminal background check processing will be affected. 

During this outage, the Department for Community Based Services will continue fingerprinting services.  However, clients of the Department for Community Based Services and the Kentucky National Background Check Program may experience delays in fingerprint processing for some weeks following this system outage.


If you believe a child or adult is being abused, neglected, exploited or is dependent, Please call the protection and permanency office in your county or the Toll Free Child Protection Hotline.

Child Protection Hot Line:

(Toll Free)

For more area specific phone numbers please go to the Service Regions web page.

The online Kentucky Child/Adult Protective Services Reporting System is available for professionals to report non-emergency situations that do not require an immediate response from our staff. The website is monitored from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern time Monday through Friday. Reports will not be reviewed during evenings, weekends or state holidays.

About DPP

The Division of Protection and Permanency coordinates the state's child welfare and violence prevention efforts. The division coordinates more than 180 contracts with vendors that provide a variety of services statewide and for specific service regions to enhance family violence prevention and intervention services. The division provides consultative services and technical assistance to local child protective services offices regarding child and adult protection cases. The division coordinates permanency services including the coordination of state efforts to recruit and certify adoptive homes for children in foster care. The division creates standards of practice for local office operation and implements statewide changes in coordination with state and federal legislation changes. The division also gathers data and creates reports to monitor the state's progress toward federal goals in child welfare services.  

Child Abuse and Neglect

The Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Booklet is designed to provide information for the person who, as a part of his/her job or profession, may encounter situations of child abuse or neglect. It is designed to help you decide when an abused or neglected child needs special protection and what to do about it. As a person who works with children, you are in a key position to be aware of maltreated children. Accordingly, the law places certain responsibilities on you. This booklet will discuss:

  • Definitions of child abuse, neglect and dependency;
  • Kentucky laws addressing these problems;
  • Procedures for making a report;
  • A brief explanation of what happens when a report is made;
  • Some key indicators to look for in recognizing cases of possible abuse and neglect or dependency

The Child Removal Handbook is an informational guide for families with currently active child welfare cases and whose children have been placed in foster care.

Child Welfare Services and Monitoring

As part of state child welfare activities, the department conducts regular self-evaluation of it's service delivery and plans for service improvement. Additionally, federal authorities conduct their own review of state service delivery and compliance with federal requirements.  Evaluations are based on data-driven analysis of the effectiveness of:

  • prevention services to mediate the risk of child abuse and neglect
  • interventions to reduce the risk of repeat maltreatment for children who have been abused and neglected
  • services to increase safety so that abused and neglected children might be able to remain with their families
  • intervention and permanency to reunify children who enter foster care due to abuse and neglect
  • appropriate placement and permanency services for children who cannot return home

Federal reviews of state child welfare activities are cyclical, recurring at regular intervals. Federal feedback informs state planning for service delivery in the next funding cycle. The process recurs over time building gradual state improvement on federal indicators. 

Federal Review Results and Performance Improvement Plans

State Plans for Service Delivery and Improvement


Division Organization

Division activities are coordinated by branches that focus on particular areas of service, these include:


Standards of Practice

Child and Adult Protection Standards of Practice Manual:  State adult and child welfare activities are carried out as directed by federal law, state statute, and state regulation. The department also maintains a written standard of practice manual that contains procedures for carrying out adult and child welfare activities such as investigations, case planning, and placement of children in foster care.


If you have gone through normal channels and your problem is still not resolved, you may get help from the Office of the Ombudsman.

Call (800) 372-2973 or (800) 627-4702 (TTY)

Office of the Ombudsman's Web page

Last Updated 4/9/2018