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Formal Transition Planning

Federal law requires all states to develop a transition plan for youth who are exiting foster care. Kentucky requires that all youth begin developing their transition plan at their first case planning meeting after their 17th birthday. The youth’s independent living coordinator should be invited to attend this meeting. 

The formal transition meeting will take place within 90 days immediately prior to the youth turning 18. The independent living coordinator will facilitate the transition meeting and work closely with the youth to identify who the youth would like in attendance.  This plan should be individual to the young person and this should be a youth led process.

The plan should include information about:

  • Finances and money management;
  • Job and career options;
  • Life skills;
  • Identity documents (e.g. social security card, birth certificate);
  • Permanence;
  • Education;
  • Self-care and health;
  • Housing;
  • Transportation; and
  • Community, culture and social life.

Transitional Living Support Brochure


Credit Report

As a result of the passing of the Child and Family Services Improvement Innovation Act of 2011, each youth in foster care is entitled to receive a free credit report annually beginning at age 16, until they leave care.


Last Updated 5/6/2013