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Adult Protective and General Adult Services

Family and Adult Consultative Services Branch
(502) 564-7043

Adult Protective and General Adult Services are directed toward preserving vulnerable individuals’ independence and/or protecting them from abuse, neglect and/or exploitation. Field staff who provide these services are located in each county Department for Community Based Services office. Adult services include:

  • Protective services for adults.
  • Protective services for spouses.
  • Home safety services for adults at risk or in need of protection.
  • Interdisciplinary evaluations to determine an adult's degree of disability and need for guardianship.
  • Information and referral to services provided by spouse abuse centers and crisis centers.
  • Alternate care services that assist individuals with a protective need in securing appropriate community and institutional placements.
  • Preventive services which often involves finding food, shelter, clothing and medical treatment for individuals.



Last Updated 2/9/2017