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Batterer Intervention

The certification program for batterer intervention providers was established in 1996. The first providers were certified in 1998.

Currently, there are approximately 121 mental health professionals are certified in Kentucky as batterer intervention providers. These providers offer services in 54 counties across the state.

Batterer Intervention in Kentucky is established through a statute, KRS 403.7505, and an administrative regulation 920 KAR 2:020.  The statute and regulation can be accessed via the web site for the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission or by clicking on the links below. 

Statute: KRS 403.7505

Regulation: 920 KAR 2:020 Domestic Violence Batterer Intervention Provider Certification Standards

If you are interested in applying to become a certified batterer intervention provider in Kentucky, you may contact Jeanne Keen at or by telephone at (502) 564-9433 Extension 3582.

Batterer Intervention Provider Application (DVPR-001)


Certified Batterer Intervention Providers

Application for Certification as a Batterer Intervention Provider

Last Updated 4/28/2016