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Child and Family Services Review

The Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSRs), authorized by the 1994 Amendments to the Social Security Act and administered by the Children's Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provide a unique opportunity for the federal government and state child welfare agencies to work as a team in assessing states' capacity to promote positive outcomes for children and families engaged in the child welfare system.

The CFSRs are a federal-state collaborative effort. A review team composed of both federal and state staff conducts the reviews and evaluates state performance in the areas of safety, permanency and well-being. The reviews examine state programs from two perspectives. First, the reviews assess the outcomes of services provided to children and families. Second, they examine systemic factors that affect the agency's ability to help children and families achieve positive outcomes.

The review team collects information from a variety of sources to make decisions about a state's performance. These sources include a statewide assessment, completed by state members of the review team; data; onsite reviews of a sample of case records and case-related interviews with children, parents, foster parents and caseworkers and other professionals knowledgeable about a case; and interviews with state and community stakeholders.

Performance Improvement Plans

Onsite reviews are designed to capture both state program strengths and areas needing improvement. When the review identifies an area needing improvement, the state negotiates a performance improvment plan (PIP) with the federal Administration for Children and Families. 
PIPs are negotiated through a two-year implementation period and PIP products are submitted quarterly.

PIP Quarterly Reports

The Self Assessment

Prior to its 2008 onsite review, Kentucky worked with families, community partners and representatives of the judiciary to conduct a statewide self assessment. The self assessment is a required component of the child and family services review and is used as part of the overall review process.


2008 Onsite Review Results

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