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Child Welfare Funding and Plans for Service

Every state child welfare agency works in conjunction with federal oversight to implement a variety of services for the benefit of children and families. Child welfare services include state prevention efforts, services to identify and protect abused and neglected children, and a service array to treat families and children affected by abuse and neglect. Services are implemented according to a variety of formal state plans created in compliance with federal requirements around federal funding sources. 

State plans may include both specific points of compliance with federal law or specific tasks to coordinate service delivery. Plans are created based on current service data, an analysis of state need, and in consideration of federal feedback. State plans correspond to the funding source and meet requirements specific to that funding source.

Additionally, the division participates in regular federal reviews of child welfare services and produces regular reports on its service provision to children and families.

Federal IV-B State Plan

Kentucky's Child and Family Services Plan is a five-year service plan required for federal child welfare funding under Title IV-B of the Social Security Act. Title IV-B funding is primarily devoted to child abuse prevention and child protective services.

The department's current five-year plan received approval in September 2009 and spans the years from 2010 and 2014. Additionally, in every year of the state plan, the department submits an annual report on its progress towards achieving the goals set in the five-year plan. The state is required to report on its efforts to sustain or improve the state's child welfare service continuum. The report includes the state's efforts to prevent child maltreatment, to support families receiving services from the state and to achieve permanency in a timely manner for children in foster care.

Title IV-E State Plan

Kentucky is pursuing a waiver demonstration project to improve Kentucky’s child welfare system and better serve its families and children.

As part of this project we have developed a Title IV-E waiver application and supporting logic model.

Title IV-E State Plan 2014:  Kentucky's plan of compliance to meet federal requirements for IV-E eligibility.  Title IV-E funds service children in foster care and adoption services.

Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act State Plan

Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act State Plan:  Kentucky's state plan for the use of funds awarded under the Child Abuse and Prevention Act.  As required by the act, funds are used to fund prevention activities or activities designed to improve the state's handling of child protective services cases.


Last Updated 10/24/2014
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