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PIP Submission Documents - 3rd and 4th Quarters

3rd Quarter Documents
  • Supplement to Quarter 1 Item 2A.1.1 Seek Technical Assistance from NRC for Family Centered Practice to Evaluate Concurrent Planning Practice
  • Supplement to Quarter 1 Item 2A.2.2 Create Plans to Improve the Frequency of Foster Parent and Relative Caretaker Notification of Permanency Hearings and Their Opportunity to be Heard
  • Supplement to Quarter 2 Item 1A.5.5 Share Regional Approaches to Engagement and Strengths-Based Casework Statewide
  • Supplement to Quarter 2 Item 2A.2.1 Plans to Improve the Frequency and Quality of Parent/Child and Sibling Visitation
  • Supplement to Quarter 2 Item 2B.2 Enhance the Process for Monitoring Placement Stability
  • Item 1A.4.1 Assess the Quality and Frequency of Caseworker Visits Across Regions
  • Item 1A.5.6 Develop Strategies and Tools for Supervisors to Use with Their Staff Based on Regional Practices.pdf
  • Item 1C.2.2 Develop and Implement A Resource Coordination Process for In-Home and Out-of-Home Service Planning
  • Item 2B.2.3 Develop and Implement Regional Action Plans to Increase Placement Stability
  • Item 3A.1 InHome Service Array Assessment
  • Item 3B.1.3 Reports Specific to Collaboration With Judges to be Used at Judges Meetings and Court Improvement Project Meetings
  • Item 3B.2.2 Incorporate the Use of Child Welfare Data at State Interagency Council (SIAC) Meetings
4th Quarter Documents
  • Item 1A.1.4  Identifying and Locating Family Members
  • Item 1A.2.1  Resource Directory for Specific Populations
  • Item 1A.3.2  Quality and Frequency of Family Team Meetings
  • Item 1A.5.2  Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Item 1A.5.6  Practice Guides
  • Item 1B.2.5  Incorporation of NCFAS Into Assessments
  • Item 2A.3.3  Lessons Learned from Casey Roundtables
  • Item    3A.1  Regional Collaborations and Use of Data
  • Item 3A.2.1  Strategic Plan for Services Provided and Purchased


Last Updated 3/29/2011