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FRYSC CORPS is an AmeriCorps program partnering with the Division of Family Resource and Youth Services Centers to help students who struggle to read well and support FRYSCs.

The Corporation for National Community Service funds FRYSC CORPS through a competitive federal grant that provides a living allowance, health benefits and training for individuals to become reading tutors at host FRYSCs throughout districts in targeted Kentucky counties. This grant also allows school districts to engage high school students in service to families, schools and community.

FRYSC CORPS members are AmeriCorps members who commit to a term of service that may last up to two years. They serve under the supervision of FRYSC coordinators in cooperation with principals and teachers. Full-time members provide individual and small group reading tutoring for students identified as at risk for academic failure. Members also support school reading intervention to give struggling students the tools necessary to achieve success while in school and beyond. Minimum-time members are high school students who act as peer mentors while gaining valuable work experience as they support FRYSC programs.

FRYSC CORPS members are in a unique position to contribute service to FRYSC core components because they are in centers and work directly with students.

Visit FRYSC CORPS' website for more information.

FRYSC Corps Mission Statement

FRYSC CORPS is an AmeriCorps project, with members committed to serving the children of Kentucky in partnership with caring families, supportive schools and resource centers, active communities and dedicated volunteers, providing literacy-rich opportunities to assist K-12 students in improving their reading skills, benefiting their entire lives.

Quick Facts

More than 30 AmeriCorps members serve full-time in FRYSCs during the school year (1,700 hours).

Trained reading tutors may work with K-12 students.

Members tutor 15-25 students for 13 or more hours each during the service term.

More than 70 high school students serve minimum 300-hour terms.

Members act as peer mentors to help other students feel more connected in their school.

Members give direct support for FRYSC core components to eliminate nonacademic barriers to learning.

Members earn $12,630 living allowance and $5,785 education award paid through the FRYSC CORPS grant.

High school student members earn $1,230 for college or vocational education only.

Members may qualify for AmeriCorps-sponsored health insurance and childcare assistance.

Host sites pay $5875 for 1,700 hours FRYSC CORPS service. No cash match is required to host a student member.

Program applications are available in March and completed applications are due May 1.

Programs begins Sept. 1.



For more information concerning FRYSC CORPS, please contact

Heather Musinski
FRYSC CORPS Program Director
Phone 502- 564-4986 x3831

Alexis Allen
FRYSC CORPS Member Coordinator
Phone 502-564-4986 x3593


Last Updated 2/6/2018