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AmeriCorps Grant Information

New Funding Opportunity: Operation AmeriCorps

The Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service (KCCVS) is pleased to announce the availability of federal funding through Operation AmeriCorps.

Operation AmeriCorps is a new program created by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to use national service as the transformative catalyst to address pressing community need. Through Operation AmeriCorps, local leaders will identify a high priority local challenge which AmeriCorps members can holistically address in a relatively short period of time, no more than two years. The competition is open exclusively to tribal and local governments, including counties, towns, school districts, and quasi-governmental entities.

The competition is a two-step process: Applicants will submit a concept paper of 10 pages or less to the KCCVS, which describes the program design. The concept papers will be reviewed and submitted to CNCS. Applicants selected by CNCS will be asked to submit a full application which includes organization capacity and budget. Both CNCS and KCCVS staff will be available to provide technical assistance and support during the second step.

For more information, contact KCCVS Program Officer Carrie Stith-Webster by email or call (502) 564-7420 x3842.

Please note that deadlines will be observed and applications submitted after the due date will not be accepted.

Kentucky's Timeline for Operation AmeriCorps

First Step

Dec. 22, 2014: Intent to apply from applicants due to KCCVS
Dec. 29, 2014: Intent to apply by KCCVS due to CNCS
Jan. 6, 2015: Concept paper from applicants due to KCCVS
Jan. 6-9, 2015: KCCVS staff review
Jan. 13, 2015: Concept paper due to CNCS

Second Step

Feb. 17, 2015: CNCS notification of applicants selected for full application
Feb. 25, 2015: Full applications due to KCCVS
Feb. 25-March 4, 2015: Staff/Program Committee review
March 5-8, 2015: Application revisions
March 9, 2015: Applications due to CNCS
April 7, 2015: CNCS notification of successful applications

Kentucky Operation AmeriCorps announcement

2015-16 Kentucky AmeriCorps Grants

The federal Notice of Funds Opportunity (NOFO) for AmeriCorps State and National Grants was released by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) on Oct. 15, 2014.

The NOFO is posted on CNCS Funding Opportunities webpage under AmeriCorps State and National Grants FY 2015.

Kentucky AmeriCorps Grant Request for Proposals (RFP) Timeline

Contact KCCVS Program Officer Carrie Stith-Webster if you have any questions about Kentucky AmeriCorps grants or the RFP.

Oct. 15, 2014: NOFO released, RFP process opens

Oct. 25, 2014: Intent to apply email due to KCCVS Program Officer

Nov. 27, 2014: Applications due to KCCVS in eGrants

Dec. 10, 2014: Commission meeting and approval of applications

Dec. 11, 2014: Applicants notified of commission decision results and applications returned with feedback

Dec. 18, 2014: Applications due to KCCVS in eGrants

Jan. 21, 2015: Applications due to CNCS

May 8, 2015: CNCS funding decisions of competitive grants announced

May 15, 2015 (TBA): Formula RFP opens

June 15, 2015 (TBA): Formula grants announced

Sept. 1, 2015: Programs begin

Outside Resources


AmeriCorps State Grants

Funding is available for AmeriCorps programs with placements for 10 or more members.

Eligible applicants are nonprofit organizations with 501(c)3 status, educational institutions, local government entities and state agencies.


For more information

Contact KCCVS Program Officer Carrie Stith-Webster if you have any questions about Kentucky AmeriCorps grants.

Toll-Free: 800-239-7404 x3842

Local: 502- 564-7420, ext. 3842

Cell: 502-229-6439


Last Updated 1/14/2015
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