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Make A Difference Day

Changes beginning in 2015

The KCCVS will no longer sponsor food drive competitions for Make A Difference Day, but will instead encourage Kentucky AmeriCorps programs to organize service projects to meet specific community needs.

AmeriCorps programs are more than welcome to host a food drive as a service project, but the KCCVS is not sponsoring an official competition. Programs that enjoy the food drive service project are encouraged to continue – on a timeline that works best for their communities and service sites!

The KCCVS is shifting our focus to the national days of service supported by the Corporation for National and Community Service: September 11th Day of Service and Remembrance and Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

Make A Difference Day competition winners were honored as a part of the 19th Annual Governor’s Awards for Volunteerism and Service on July 22, 2014.

DCBS Service Region Food Drive Information

Cabinet for Health and Family Services' community based service regions food drive competition was held Feb. 20-March 20, 2014. DCBS employees collected 7.1 tons of food in their local communities for individuals and families in need. That is a 19.5 percent increase from the last competition and enough to feed 28,414 people an 8-oz. serving!

The KCCVS is pleased to announce that this year’s competition winner is the Two Rivers Service Region, who collected 202.42 ounces per employee. Northeastern Service Region was in second place with 96.76 ounces per employee.

Check out DCBS food drive photos and the collection breakdown by program.

2013 Kentucky AmeriCorps Food Drive Competition Results

Once again this year, the KCCVS encouraged food collection in a friendly competition between Kentucky AmeriCorps programs during October, but we are also focusing on and supporting other service projects throughout the year.

The Kentucky AmeriCorps programs collected 44.93 tons of food in their local communities for individuals and families in need. That’s enough to feed 179,737.92 people an 8-ounce serving! We’d say that’s making a pretty big difference.

The first non school-based winner is Build Corps, followed by Economic Empowerment Corps. For the third consecutive year, the school-based winner is MSUCorps. They were followed by ATEAM, UNITE Service Corps, FRYSC Corps, REACH Corps and Kentucky College Coaches. Great job, everyone.

Check out Kentucky AmeriCorps food drive photos and the collection breakdown by program.

If you have any questions about the food drive competitions, please contact Shannon Ramsey, 502-564-7420, ext. 3841.

Food Drive Resources
General Information

Make A Difference Day is one of the most widely observed national days of helping – a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors in which everyone can participate.

Created by USA Weekend Magazine, Make A Difference Day is an annual event observed on the fourth Saturday in October.

The goal of Make A Difference Day is to inspire and encourage local residents to participate in community service projects. Large or small, as individuals or in groups, one-day or ongoing – the nature of the service isn’t as important as simply giving your time, effort, resources, skills or support to make a difference in the lives of people in your community.

To find a project in your area or to register your project, visit the USA Weekend's Make A Difference Day website. The site has tons of helpful information, including an Idea Generator to help you find a project idea to use in your community. After Make A Difference Day, you can enter your community project to be considered for an award.

The KCCVS officers, staff and program members encourage you to be a part of Make A Difference Day, whether on your own, through a local community service agency or project or with us.

Everyone can Make A Difference.

Did you know?

MMDay LogoThe KCCVS has been participating in Make A Difference Day by hosting a food drive for more than 10 years?

From 2008-12, participating groups have collected 430 tons of food. hat's more than 1.7 million 8-ounce servings for Kentuckians in need.

2012 Food Drive Competition Results

Once again, in honor of Make A Difference Day, the KCCVS sponsored one food drive competition involving our Kentucky AmeriCorps programs and another among Cabinet for Health and Family Services' community based service regions. Collected food was donated to food pantries and emergency feeding centers in the communities where the food was collected.

Kentucky AmeriCorps Programs

  1. MSUCorps - winner, second consecutive year
  2. ATEAM
  3. Build Corps
  4. UNITE Service Corps
  5. Economic Empowerment Corps
  6. REACH Corps
  7. Kentucky College Coaches

DCBS Service Regions

  1. Southern Bluegrass Service Region - winner, first year
  2. Eastern Mountain Service Region
  3. The Lakes Service Region
  4. Cumberland Service Region
  5. Northeastern Service Region
  6. Two Rivers Service Region
  7. Northern Bluegrass Service Region
  8. Salt River Trail Service Region
  9. DCBS Central Office
  10. Jefferson Service Region

The entire food drive competition brought in 66.72 tons of food into local communities - enough to feed 266,880 people in need an 8-oz. serving. Congratulations to all who participated and we appreciate all the people that will be fed because of your efforts.

Find out the actual breakdowns in the 2012 Make A Difference Day Food Drive Final Report.

Check out photos from the 2012 Make A Difference Day Food Drive competitions on the KCCVS Facebook page.

Traveling Award Winners*


MSU Corps
Southern Bluegrass Service Region


MSUCorps, honorable mention to the ATEAM
The Lakes Service Region (third consecutive year!)


The Lakes Service Region


SERV Corps
The Lakes Service Region
Cabinet for Economic Development


MSU Corps (first year of award) and The Learning Corps (retiring an award)
Eastern Mountain Service Region


The Learning Corps
Two Rivers Service Region


The Learning Corps
Two Rivers Service Region


Kentucky River Service Region

*Because of the varying sizes of the programs and regions, the winners are determined by the highest number of ounces of food collected per employee or member.

Make A Difference Day Archives

Yearly Food Drive Totals

Food Drive Totals








8-oz. servings








Yearly Food Drive Details

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*In 2009, there was an additional special competition between the state government cabinets. Governor Steve Beshear and First Lady Jane Beshear encouraged all state employees to participate.


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