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Kentucky AmeriCorps Programs

Information about 2017-18 Kentucky AmeriCorps programs coming soon.

Kentucky Program Officer: Carie M. Kizzar
Office: 502-564-7420, ext. 3842
Mobile: 502-229-8152

Applying for Kentucky AmeriCorps
  • Positions are for AmeriCorps members. Learn more about the programs by reading the descriptions.
  • To see what programs have openings, go to and search for AmeriCorps State/National programs in Kentucky.
  • If you are interested, create a profile and apply online at
  • You can also contact the listed Program Director or the Kentucky Program Officer.

If you are interested in applying for a grant for an AmeriCorps program in Kentucky, please visit the AmeriCorps Grant Information webpage.

Since AmeriCorps began in 1994, more than 11,000 Kentuckians have served more than 17 million hours and have qualified for Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards totaling more than $40.8 million.

2016-17 Kentucky AmeriCorps Program Grants

2016-17 Kentucky AmeriCorps Program Map

2016-17 Kentucky AmeriCorps Program List

Programs operating from Sept. 1, 2016 to Aug. 31, 2017.

ATEAM AmeriCorps

Members tutor targeted remedial students grades K-12 in reading and/or math using research-based curricula. Members serving in elementary schools ensure targeted students are reading at grade level or higher by the end of the academic year. Members serving in middle and high schools ensure students are performing at grade level or higher in the tutored subjects. In addition, members serving at high schools mentor students to aid in dropout prevention and support post-secondary education and workforce readiness. Members leverage an additional 400 community volunteers for student engagement and to support school-based and program-sponsored service projects.

Sponsor: Barren County School District (Glasgow)
Program Co-Director: Shannon Bailes, (270) 316-1005
Program Co-Director: Donna Morgan, (270) 453-3205

Bluegrass Self-Sufficiency Project (BSSP) Corps

Members support United Way of the Bluegrass-funded partner programs in Central Kentucky counties and are responsible for moving more than 1,000 families toward self-sufficiency. Members leverage an additional 600 community volunteers to be engaged in partner program activities focusing on income and education.

Sponsor: United Way of the Bluegrass (Lexington)
Program Director: Emmanuel Smith, (859) 977-7388
Member Coordinator: Anna Kenion, (859)977-7383

Christian Appalachian Project AmeriCorps

Members provide housing services, long-term hunger support, emergency assistance, disaster relief, early childhood education, character education and tutoring, summer programming and elderly and disability services for people in need in 14 Eastern Kentucky counties. Members are responsible for a number of positive outcomes, including affordable, safe, warm and dry housing, decreased food insecurity, the immediate meeting of crisis needs, increased school readiness and non-cognitive skills and greater independence and social support for the elderly, persons with disabilities and their caregivers. Members leverage an additional 1,000 community volunteers to assist with housing repair and summer camp.

Sponsor: Christian Appalachian Project
Program Director: Amy Schill, (606) 256-0973
Christian Appalachian Project AmeriCorps website

Economic Empowerment Corps

Members provide economic empowerment services to survivors of domestic violence through existing coalition program and community partner sites across the commonwealth. Members are responsible for providing 1,200 survivors with financial education, individual financial counseling and case management services. Members also provide credit counseling and will leverage an additional 600 community volunteers to support economic empowerment efforts.

Sponsor: Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence (Frankfort)
Program Director: Whitney Reynolds, (502) 209-5382
Economic Empowerment Corps website 


Members provide literacy tutoring and student mentoring in economically disadvantaged schools in Northern, Central and Eastern Kentucky. Members assist K-12 students to meet expected literacy goals and increase positive behaviors. In addition, members will leverage an additional 150 community volunteers to serve as literacy peer mentors for elementary students.

Sponsor: Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative (Shelbyville)
Program Director: Heather Musinski, (502) 564-4986 x3831

Gateway AmeriCorps

Members apply academic knowledge and skills to provide needed direct and indirect services to economically disadvantaged individuals and families through skills-based matched placements at non-profits, local/regional government agencies or educational entities located Northern Kentucky counties. Members are responsible for serving more than 2,000 Kentuckians and for ensuring at least 70 percent participating agencies report improvements in the organization’s service capacity.

Sponsor: Gateway Community and Technical College (Florence)
Program Director: Kylie Keene, (859) 815-7788 
Member Coordinator: Regina Owens, (859) 442-1631

Homes for All

Members serve as housing services specialists who provide case management, financial literacy, construction, rehabilitations and other housing service activities in order to increase Kentucky’s safe and affordable housing stock for individuals and families that are low-income or have a disability. Members provide housing services to 3,500 low-income individuals or people with disabilities. At least 1,350 of these consumers will be successfully housed by Homes for All members. Members leverage 550 community volunteers to assist with program goals.

Sponsor: Homeless and Housing Coalition of Kentucky (Frankfort)
Interim Program Director: Caitlin Szabo, (502) 223-1834, ext. 1117
Homes for All website

Kentucky College Coaches

Members serve as near peer coaches to high school students in 32 Kentucky counties, assisting students in building skills and gathering needed information to succeed academically and to navigate college preparatory tests, find scholarships, complete federal student aid applications and choose a college or post-secondary program that fits their skills and experience. Members are responsible for assisting disadvantaged youth graduate from high school and enroll in college. Less than full-time members provide support for first generation or disadvantaged college freshman and sophomores in six Kentucky counties to continue support for students once they get to college.

Sponsor: Northern Kentucky University Research Foundation (Highland Heights)
Program Director: Kristen Hedgebeth, (859) 572-7836
Kentucky College Coaches website

Kentucky READY Corps (Planning Grant)

Eastern Kentucky University will commence planning activities in preparation to apply for a full AmeriCorps program for the next grant cycle. The proposed program, Kentucky Students for Disaster Readiness and Resiliency Corps (KY READY Corps), will focus students on strengthening disaster readiness and resilience.

Sponsor: Eastern Kentucky University (Richmond)
Program Director: Amy Hughes, (859) 622-8825
Program Co-Director: Chad Foster, (502) 622-2608

Kentucky Service Corps

Members, who are themselves low-income, first generation, disadvantaged, underserved and/or veteran college students, provide communities with service learning experiences in schools, nonprofits and government agencies across the commonwealth. In the process of providing service to others, members strengthen their own resilience to stay in college and earn a college degree. Members provide service to more than 5,000 Kentuckians, with at least 10 percent being college students at risk of dropping out.

Sponsor: Northern Kentucky University Research Foundation (Highland Heights)
Program Director: Kristen Hedgebeth, (859) 572-7836
Program Administrator: Gayle Hilleke, (859) 572-7634

Louisville Metro Parks AmeriCorps

Members help to protect and enhance environmental resources in Jefferson County. Members improve parks, natural areas, historic properties, urban forest and public lands through invasive plant removal and natural woodland restoration, restoration/creation of trails, tree health maintenance, tree replacement/new plantings, providing environmental education and interpretive services and recruiting, training and placement of 150 community volunteers to support the program’s environmental activities.

Sponsor: Louisville Metro Parks and Recreation (Louisville)
Program Director: Laura Ryan, (502) 574-6341


Members provide evidence-based math and reading tutoring in elementary and middle schools using technology-based interventions to 900 high-risk, economically disadvantaged students in 22 counties in Eastern Kentucky. Members are responsible for ensuring 85 percent of enrolled students enrolled increase math and reading skills by one level based on assessment data, and for ensuring 70 percent of enrolled students demonstrate an increase in academic engagement behaviors. Members leverage an additional 150 community volunteers for student engagement and tutoring assistance.

Sponsor: Morehead State University (Morehead)
Program Director: Mary Claire Williams, (606) 783-2719
Member Coordinator: Rosita Napoleoni-Milan, (606) 783-9574
MSUCorps website 

PartnerCorps School Turnaround

Members serve as mentors, college advisors and family connectors for students in rural high schools in Clay, Knox and Perry Counties. Members are responsible for ensuring students increase attendance.

Sponsor: Partners for Education at Berea College (Berea)
Program Director: Robert Bowers, (859) 200-3280

PartnerCorps SOAR

Members serve in rural schools in Leslie County and are responsible for ensuring students increase attendance. Members provide case management, mentoring and tutoring services to students and their families using the evidence-proven strategy called Check and Connect.

Sponsor: Partners for Education at Berea College (Berea)
Program Director: Dana Coots, (606) 275-3225 

PartnerCorps STEM

Members provide tutoring and homework assistance in Algebra while connecting math to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) career pathways, in three rural high schools in Madison County. Members are responsible for improvements in academic results and in student understanding of STEM career pathways. Members leverage 20 community volunteers who are STEM professionals to assist with program goals.

Sponsor: Partners for Education at Berea College (Berea)
Program Director: Linda Stone, (859) 985-3710 

REACH Corps School Turnaround

REACH stands for Ready to Extend A Caring Hand, and members mentor disadvantaged students at priority and focus schools in Jefferson County. Members are responsible for ensuring participating students improve their attendance and academic engagement. Members will leverage 430 community volunteers to assist in tutoring, parent and community engagement activities and school-based service projects.

Sponsor: Jefferson County Public Schools (Louisville)
Program Director: Ben Langley, (502) 485-3926
Member Coordinator: Jon Auslander-Price, (502) 485-3949
REACH Corps website

Senior Connections

Members provide a range of services and social support to seniors, to reduce the rate of hospitalization among Medicare beneficiaries at a variety of service sites. Members are responsible for providing food, services, transportation and social support to 6,000 older adults in the seven-county Green River Area. Members will leverage 800 community volunteers to assist efforts to train with members to prepare for and recover from disasters that may affect the region.

Sponsor: Green River Area Development District (Owensboro)
Program Director: David Clark, (270) 926-4433
Program Assistant: Carolynn Kelley, (270) 926-4433
Senior Connections website

Teach For America–Appalachia

Members serve as teachers in low-income rural schools across the central Appalachian school districts in southeastern Kentucky. Members are responsible for improving the educational outcomes for more than 3,500 students. Members will leverage an additional 140 community volunteers to serve as guest lecturers in classrooms, work one-on-one and with small groups of students for remediation and assist students with college and technical school applications.

Sponsor: Teach For America (Hazard)
Program Director: Josh Sparks, (606) 436-6000
Program Coordinator: Rosie Ballinger
Teach For America-Appalachia website

UNITE Service Corps

Members serve in 54 elementary schools in Eastern Kentucky, using a two-fold approach to provide math tutoring and healthy choices curriculum to address drug prevention education for 4th and 5th grade students.

Sponsor: Operation UNITE (London)
Program Director: Melinda Kincer, (606) 386-9077
Program Co-Director: Marionette Little, (865) 566-2177
UNITE Service Corps website 

Kentucky AmeriCorps Program History





For more information

Contact the listed program director or Carie Kizziar, KCCVS Program Officer, at (502) 564-7420 x3842 or (502) 229-8152.


Last Updated 8/2/2017