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2007 Provider Letters

Below is a collection of all the Provider Letters which have been sent to one or more entire provider type groups for this year.  These letters are sorted by the month and date in which they were sent.

All letters are in PDF format - you must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your workstation to view the letters. A link to download Adobe is provided below. This program is free to download and easy to install. If you do not have this reader on your computer click the link below.

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Home Health Provider Letter # A-110 - Changes to DMS Home Health PA From effective 1/1/08 and Additional Program Information (12/12/07)

General Hospital In-State Only Provider Letter A-228; Mental Hospital Provider Letter A-90 - Changes to Hospital Inpatient Regulation 907 KAR 1:013 (12/11/07)


General Provider Letter # A-78 - New MMIS - Denied Claims (11/16/07)

Other Lab and X-ray Provider Letter # A-17 Hearing Aid Dealers Provider Letter # A-24 - NPI numbers (11/08/07)

Emergency Transportation Provider Letter Number A-46; Non-Emergency Transportation Provider Letter Number A-13 - Ambulance Transportation Reimbursement (11/08/07)


Nursing Facility Provider Letter A-232 - October 1, 2007 Standard Price Increase (10/31/07)

Supports for Community Living Provider Letter #A-22 - Supports for Community Living Waiver Program - Enhanced Rate Year Two (10/24/07)

Physicians Provider Letter #A-364; Physicians Group Provider Letter #A-24; CRNA  #A-10- Anesthesia Billing Procedures (10/23/07)

Nursing Facility Provider Letter A-228 - Revisions to Nurse Aid Training Program Manual (10/23/07)

Adult Day Health Care Provider Letter # A-30; Home and Community Based Waiver Provider Letter # A-71 -  Reimbursement for Level I and Level II (10/02/07)

Nursing Facility Provider Letter # A-231 - On Site Continued Stay Review Process (10/02/07)

Nursing Facility Provider Letter #229 - Bed Reserve Census (10/02/07)


Nursing Facility Provider Letter # A-230 - MMIS Prior Authorization Process (09/10/07)

General Provider Letter - Use of 71 Provider number (09/07/07)


Supports for Community Living Provider Letter # A-22 - Revisions to the SCL MAP Forms and Manual (08/29/07)

Physician Group Provider Letter # A-22- After Hours Code 99050 (08/27/07)


Physician Group Provider Letter # A -21 - Fluoride Varnish (07/03/07)

Optometrist Provider Letter # A-144 - Fee Increase;153 codes (07/03/2007)


Physician Provider Letter Number A-360; Physicians Group Provider Letter #A-19 - Physician Fee Increase (06/18/07)

Nursing Facility Provider Letter A-227 - Revisions to Nurse Aide Training Program Manuals (06/15/07)

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners Provider Letter Number A-94; Physician Assistants Provider Letter Number A-29; Chiropractors  Provider Letter Number A-13 - Fee Increase (06/15/07)


Renal Dialysis Provider Letter # A-22 - Medicare Part B Drug Schedule (05/21/07)

Emergency Transportation Specialty 16 only provider letter A-45, Non-Emergency Transportation Specialty 16 only provider letter A-12 - New CMS 1500 (08/05) Claim Form Usage (05/21/07)

General Provider Letter # A-76 - New MMIS Changes you May Encounter (05/21/07)

Hospital provider letter A-227, Psychiatric Hospital provider letter A-89; PRTF provider letter A-127, ICF/MR provider letter A-344, NF provider letter A-226, Home Health provider letter A-108, Renal Dialysis provider letter A-21, Hospice provider letter A-199, CORF provider letter A-04, Psychiatric DPU provider letter A-02, Rehabilitation DPU provider letter A-02 - NPI Contingency Plan for UB-04 Claim Form Usage (05/11/07)

Dentist Individual provider letter A-154, Dental Group provider letter A-15, Primary Care provider letter A-369, Rural Health provider letter A-217 - NPI Contingency Plan for ADA Claim Form Usage (05/11/07)

HANDS provider letter A-03, Preventative Care provider letter A-17, Commissioner for Children with Special Health Care Needs provider letter A-10, Title V/DSS provider letter A-04, First Steps provider letter A-04, Adult Targeted Case management provider letter A-10, Children Targeted Case Management provider letter A-09, Impact Plus provider letter A-04, Hearing provider letter A-22, Non-Emergency Transportation provider letter A-11, X-ray provider letter A-16 New CMS 1500 (08/05) Claim Form Usage without a National Provider Indicator (NPI) (05/11/07)

Specialized Children's Service Clinic provider letter A-03; ABI provider letter A-16; School Based Health Services provider letter A-08; Community Mental Health provider letter A-79; Primary Care provider letter A-370; Family Planning provider letter A-19; SCL provider letter A-21; Rural Health provider letter A-218; ASC provider letter A-28; Independent Lab provider letter A-39; EPSDT Preventive Services provider letter A-14; Adult Day Care provider letter A-29; EPSDT Special Services provider letter A-3; Optician provider letter A-13; Emergency Transportation provider letter A-44; Physician Individual provider letter A-361; Physician Group provider letter A-20; Audiologists provider letter A-5; Nurse Anesthetist provider letter A-8; Nurse Practitioner provider letter A-95; Podiatrist provider letter A-184; Clinical Social Worker provider letter A-04; Chiropractor provider letter A-14; Physical Therapist provider letter A-04; Occupational Therapist provider letter A-04; Psychologist provider letter A-04; DME provider letter A-32; Physician Assistant provider letter A-30 - NPI Contingency Plan for CMS 1500 Claim Form Usage (05/11/07)

School Based Health Services Provider Letter #A-07 - New automated PA System for School Based Health Services Programs; User Manual for School Based Services (05/03/07)

Aquired Brain Injury Provider Letter #A-15 - Consumer Directed Options (05/03/07)


General Provider Letter #A-75 - Updated Implementation Date of New Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) in Kentucky (04/27/07)

Home Health Provider Letter #A-107 - Updated Implementation Date for HCPCS Code Required for Billing of Revenue Code 270 Supplies and 279 Supplements (04/21/07)


Pharmacy Provider Letter #A-477 - Submitting NPI and Taxonomy Codes to KyHealth Choices (03/20/07)

DSH Hospital Provider Letter #A-226 - DSH Poverty Guidelines 2007 (03/20/07)

SNF, ICF, ICF/MR Provider Letter #A-343 - Correct Billing of Certification Number (03/17/2007)

Package Requirements for Power Mobility Codes K0800-0864; K0890 and K0891 (03/15/07)

Nursing Facility Provider Letter #A-225 - Correct Billing of Certification Number (03/13/2007)

DME Provider Letter Number #A-31 - DME Changes to Regulation to 907 KAR 1:479 (03/13/07)

Rural Clinic Provider Letter #A-216 - Child Prophylaxis and Fluoride (03/06/07)

Primary Care Provider Letter #A-367 - Child Prophylaxis and Fluoride (03/06/07)

Primary Care Provider Letter #A-365 - Web Enrollment System Evaluation (03/06/07)

Pharmacy Provider Letter #A-476 - Federal Poverty Level Indicator (03/06/07)

Home Health Provider Letter #A-105 - HCPCS Code Required for Revenue Code 270 Supplies and 279 Supplements Billed Effective April 2, 2007 (03/06/07)


General Provider Letter #A-74 - Postponement of New MMIS System (02/19/07)

General Provider Letter #A-73 - NPI Reminder Letter (02/16/07)

Nursing Facility Provider Letter A#-224 - MAP 350 Mandatory Usage (02/08/07)

General Provider Letter #A-72 - Poverty Indicator on KyHealthNet (02/06/07)


No letters mailed at this time.


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