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2013 Provider Letters

Below is a collection of all the provider letters sent to one or more provider groups for this year. Letters are sorted by distribution month and day.

All letters are in PDF format -- you must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed to view the letters. A link to download Adobe is provided below. This program is free to download and easy to install. If you do not have this reader on your computer click the link below.

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Community Mental Health Centers Provider Provider Letter # A-94 - Procedure Code and Billing Changes (12/27/13)


NF Provider Letter #A-248 - 2014 Statewide Appraisals for Price Based Ratesetting (11/20/13)



General Provider Letter regarding ICD-10 (09/20/13)

General Provider Letter regarding 2013 Fall Workshops (09/20/13)

Community Mental Health Centers Provider Letter #A-93; Federally Qualified health Centers/Primary Care Centers Provider Letter #A-380; Rual Health Centers Provider Letter #A-224 - Substance Use Disorders Summitt (09/04/13)


Supports for Community Living Provider Letter #A-39 - Implementation of the new SCL Waiver (08/22/13)


Hospital Provider Letter #A-252; Physician Provider Letter #A-373 - HB366 and "Milk Fortifier" (07/30/13)

Home and Community Based Waiver Program Provider Letter #A-1; Adult Day Healthcare Provider Letter #A-41 - HCBW/ADHC On-Site Provider Survey Changes (07/01/13)

Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC) - Provider Letter #A-92; Federally Qualified Health Care Centers (FQHC)/Primary Care Centers (PCC) - Provider Letter #A-378;Rural Health Care Centers (RHC) - Substance Abuse Services Provided through the Early Periodic Screeening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Program (07/08/13)


Supports for Community Living Provider Letter A-38-SCL New Waiver Implementation (06/25/13)


Nursing Facility Provider Letter #A-247 - Nursing Facility Assessment Rates (05/31/13)

Individual Physician; Certified Nurse Practicitioner; Physician Assistant Provider Letter # A-94 - First Quarter Adjusted PCP Payment (05/28/13)

Nursing Facility Provider Letter #A-246 - May and June 2013 Medicaid Payments (05/03/13)


General Provider Letter #A-93 - Medicaid MCO Prompt Payment Complaints to be Reviewed by the Department of Insurance (DOI)

Hospital Provider Letter #A-251; Mental Hosptial Provider Letter #A98 - DSH Poverty Guidelines 2013 (04/01/13)


General Provider Letter #A-92 - Self Attestation - Adjusted Primary Care Payments (03/22/13)

General Provider Letter #A-91 - 907 KAR 3:015 Supplemental Payments for Certian Primary Care and Vaccine Services (03/20/13)


Hospital Provider Letter #A-250 - Reporting Birth Records KY CHILD (02/21/13)

EPSDT Provider Letter #A18 - EPSDT MP Waiver Training Notice (02/19/13)

General Provider Letter - Prohibited "White Coat" Marketing (02/12/13)


General Provider Letter #A-89 - Medicaid MCO Prompt Payment Complaints (01/15/13)

Primary Care Centers Provider Letter #A-377; Federally Quallified Health Center/Rural Health Caenters Provider Letter #A-222 - Supplemental Payments (01/09/13)


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