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State Plan Amendments (SPAs)

The documents listed below are amendments to Medicaid's state plan and have been submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for approval. These amendments are in draft form only.

To view definitions or SPA's submitted by year, refer below.

Please Note: All manuals and materials are in PDF format and require a PDF reader, like Adobe Acrobat, to view the information. This program is free to download and easy to install. If you do not have this reader on your computer, Click to get the Adobe Reader


The following is a definition of status terms:

  • Approved - accepted by CMS
  • Off the Clock - CMS and DMS have agreed to let DMS resolve significant issues that would go beyond the 90-day clock.
  • Pending - amendment has been submitted to CMS and is under review for approval.
2013 SPAs

Any State Plan Amendment listed as as "Pending"status is subject to change prior to approval by CMS and should therefore not be considered as the final submission.

SPA # Title Status
13-003 Increase Primary Care Physician Approved
13-004 Free-Standing Birthing Centers Approved
13-005 Organizational Initial Submission Approved
13-006 Non-Financial Eligibility Citizenship and Non-Citizen Eligibility Approved
13-007 General Eligibility Requirements Initial Submission Approved
13-008 Medicaid Eligibility Groups Initial Submission Approved
13-009 Presumptive Eligibility for Hospital Approved
13-010 MAGI Based Income Methodology Approved
13-011 Residency Approved
13-012 FQHC, RHC Reimbursement Pending
13-013 PCC Reimbursement Approved
13-014 Allergy Testing Approved
13-015 Private Duty Nursing Approved
13-016 Pharmacy Limit Removed Approved
13-017 Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy Approved
13-018 Preventive Services Approved
13-019 Removal of KenPAC Approved
13-020 New Adult Group Initial Submission. Approved
13-021 Current Medicaid ABP Initial Submission


13-022 Substance Use and Mental Health - Revised 11/15/13 Approved
13-023 Cost Sharing Approved
13-024 Removal of Alternate Benefit Plans Approved
13-025 Veterans Affairs Nursing Facilities Pending
13-026 Pharmacy Services Approved
13-027 FMAP Claiming Pending
13-028 Substance Abuse Services for Pregnant Women Approved
13-029 Chiropractor Benefits Approved

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2012 SPAs
SPA # Title Status
12-001 Three Year Look Back for Third party liability Claims Pending
12-002 Provider Screening and Enrollment Pending

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2011 SPAs
SPA # Title Status
11-001 Payment to Financial Institutions Outside the US Approved
11-002 Pharmacy Provider Reimbursement Approved
11-003 Optometrist Clean Up Language Approved
11-005 Reimbursement of In-State Government Owned Hospitals Approved
11-006 Clean Up Language Approved
11-007 Hospice for Children Approved
11-008 School Based Services Pending
11-009 Provider Preventable Conditions Pending
11-010 Pharmacy Reimbursement Pending
11-011 Smoking Cessation for Pregnant Women Pending
11-012 RAC Exceptions Approved

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2010 SPAs
SPA # Title Status
10-001 Asset Verification System Approved
10-002 Increase Income Resources Approved
10-003 Hospital Acquired Condition Approved
10-004 Early Refill Approved
10-005 Lock-In Approved
10-006 HIPP Approved
10-007 Community Mental Health Centers Pending
10-008 Smoking Cessation Approved
10-009 Governor's Signee Approved
10-010 Public Assistance Reporting Information System Approved
10-011 ICF Clinics Pending
10-012 Recovery Audit Contractors Approved
10-013 Estate Recovery Approved
10-014 DME Pending

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2009 SPAs
SPA # Title Status
09-002 Inpatient Hospital Supplemental Payments Approved
09-003 Minor Inpatient Hospital Payment Revisions Approved
09-004 Kentucky Title XIX State Plan Amendment, Transmittal# 09-004 Approved
09-005 Kentucky Title XIX State Plan Amendment, Transmittal# 09-005 Approved
09-006 Kentucky Title XIX State Plan Amendment, Transmittal# 09-006 Approved
09-007 Kentucky Title XIX State Plan Amendment, Transmittal# 09-007 Approved
09-008 Kentucky Title XIX State Plan Amendment, Transmittal# 09-008 Approved
09-009 Kentucky Title XIX State Plan Amendment, Transmittal# 09-009 Approved
09-010 Kentucky Title XIX State Plan Amendment, Transmittal# 09-010 Denied
09-011 Kentucky Title XIX State Plan Amendment, Transmittal# 09-011 Approved

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2008 SPAs
SPA # Title Status
08-001 Ambulance Rate Increase Approved
08-002 Commissioner's signature Approved
08-003 Supplemental Rebate/NMPI Drug purchasing Pool Approved
08-004 Medicaid Works Approved
08-005 Medicaid Integrity Program Approved
08-008 Inpatient Reimbursement (UK Post Lewin) Off the Clock
08-009 Long-term Care Partnership Program Approved
08-010 School Based Health Services Approved
08-011 Outpatient Services Reimbursement Approved
08-012 TPL Approved
08-015 Census Income Exclusion Approved
Title XXI #10 KCHIP - mail in application Approved

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2007 SPAs
SPA # Title Status
07-001 Kentucky Health Choices Clarification Pending
07-002 Employee Education About False Claims Recovery Approved
07-004 NF Brain Injury Unit Rate Increase Approved
07-006 Change in Commissioner and Signature Authority Approved
07-008 Dental Upper Limit Increase for Children Approved
07-010 Inpatient Reimbursement Approved

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2006 to 2000 SPAs
SPA # Title Status
06-001 Four Prescription Per Month Limit Approved
06-002 DRG Supplemental Payments Approved
06-003 Buy In Approved
06-005 State Owned Academic Medical Center Physician Supplement Approved
06-006 Global Choices Approved
06-007 Global Choices Approved
06-008 Transportation Approved
06-009 Treatment of Medical Expenses During a Period of Ineligibility Approved
06-010 Family, Comprehensive and Optimum Choices Approved
Part I
Part II
06-011 Change in Commissioner and Signature Authority Approved
06-012 Kentucky Health Choices Clarification Approved
06-013 Reimbursement for Physician Services Approved
06-014 Transfer of Assets Approved
06-016 Behavior Pharmacy Management Program Approved
04-003 School Based Health Approved

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