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Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program (BCCTP)

Women who have been screened by a local health department and found to need treatment for breast or cervical cancer can receive treatment through Kentucky Medicaid Services.

Who is eligible for the BCCTP?
  • Have been screened and diagnosed with cancer by the Kentucky Women's Cancer Screening Program through a local health department
  • Have been diagnosed as needing treatment for either breast or cervical cancer, including a pre-cancerous condition or early stage cancer
  • Has not obtained the age of 65
  • Do not otherwise have creditable health coverage
  • Are United States citizens or qualified aliens
  • Are residents of Kentucky
  • Are not eligible for medical assistance in any other eligible group
  • Are not residents of a public institution
What services are covered?

Women eligible for the BCCTP receive the full range of Medicaid services, including:

Participants do not have to choose a managed care physician.

Length of Medicaid Eligibility

Eligible women receive Medicaid services for the duration of their treatment. Medicaid eligibility periods reflect the average treatment duration standard:

  • Breast cancer - four months
  • Cervical cancer - three months
  • Pre-cancerous cervical - two months
  • Breast disorder - two months

Some patients may require longer than the standard period of treatment and may be granted a Medicaid eligibility extension. An eligibility extension form (MAP-813D Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program Extension) can be obtained from the department's Web site or by calling toll-free (877) 298-6108. Extention requests must be initiated by the treating physician and, when request review is completed, recipients will receive a notice of their new eligibility status.

Note: Women who require routine monitoring services for pre-cancerous breast or cervical conditions (e.g. breast examinations and mammograms) are not considered to need treatment.

Where to apply?

A Medicaid application can be filed at your local health department when screening and diagnosis reveal the need for treatment for breast and/or cervical cancer or a pre-cancerous condition.

At the time of the application, the following information is needed:

  • Social Security number
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of immigration status for non-citizens
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Proof of identity


Regulations and Forms

907 KAR 20:055


  • MAP-813 - Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program Application
  • MAP- 813B - Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program Flow Chart

Contact Information:

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Last Updated 4/6/2017