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Chiropractor Services

Coverage for chiropractor services is based on medical necessity and provided by Kentucky Medicaid providers. Chiropractic services may include treatment modalities such as manipulative treatment.


Regulations, Provider Letters and Billing Information

907 KAR 3:125

Provider Letters
Provider Letter #A-16 - CMS 1500 claim forms no longer require the Medicare EOMB attachment (08/20/08)

To view a copy of the most current provider letters, go to the Provider Letter page.

Billing Information
Provider Billing Instructions


Contact Information:

For Policy Information, contact
Department for Medicaid Services
Division of Provider Operations
Physicians and Individual Providers Branch
275 East Main St
6 W-D
Frankfort, KY 40621
(502) 564-2687

Contact us by email
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For Billing Issues contact
(800) 807-1232


Last Updated 1/31/2011