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How can an Elderly or Disabled Person Qualify for In-Home and Nursing Facility Services?

Medicaid Nursing Facility Services

Nursing Facility (NF) services include room, dietary services, nutritional supplements, social services, activities, respiratory therapy and supplies, nursing services, the use of equipment and facilities, medical and surgical supplies, (prosthetic devices are included only if ordered by a physician), laundry services, drugs ordered by the physician and personal items routinely provided by the facility.

Also included, if ordered by the physician, are X-rays, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, podiatry services, laboratory services and oxygen, and related oxygen supplies, and ventilator use.

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Medicaid Waiver Services

If you are elderly or disabled, Medicaid Waiver programs can provide Medicaid coverage for many different services that help you stay in your home.

Waiver services include personal care assistance, program coordination, homemaker services, respite care and case management.

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Last Updated 4/6/2017