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Renal Dialysis Centers Services

A renal dialysis center is a hospital unit approved by Medicare, Medicaid and third-party payers to furnish the full spectrum of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services required for the care of end-stage renal disease dialysis patients (including inpatient dialysis furnished directly or indirectly under arrangement). A hospital does not need to provide renal transplantation to qualify as a renal dialysis center.

The dialysis service could include: inpatient dialysis, outpatient dialysis, self-dialysis and home dialysis. The service is provided by the facilities own staff or through individuals contracted to furnish such services for the facility, as stated in 42CFR 405.2102.

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Renal Dialysis Rates - Medicare Part B Drugs

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Regulations, Policy Information, Billing information


907 KAR 1:400


Kentucky Medicaid Provider Directory

Policy Manual

Renal Dialysis Center Services Manual, revised April 1, 1991

Provider Letters

Billing Information

Provider Billing Instructions

Rate Schedule

To view a copy of the most current Rates, refer to the Fee and Rate Schedule page.


Contact Information:

Regarding policy, contact:
Division of Policy and Operations
Benefit Policy Branch
275 E. Main St., 6W-D
Frankfort, KY 40621
Phone: 502-564-6890

Regarding billing, contact DXC at 800-807-1232 or visit the website

Regarding members, contact 800-635-2570

Provider Services, contact (855) 824-5615

Regarding Provider Enrollment, contact Provider Enrollment at 877-838-5085 or visit the website.


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