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Health Assessment and Health Improvement Plan

Health Assessment:

Health Improvement Plan:

    Strategic Planning

    Sample Strategic Plans:

    Quality Improvement (QI)

    QI Policies and Plans:


    2013 LHD Mini Grant Projects:

    2013 LHD Office of Health Equity Mini Grant Projects:

    Additional QI Storyboards:

    2012 LHD Mini Grant Projects:

    Tools and Templates:

    AIM Statements:

    Cause and Effect Diagrams:


    Local Health Department QI Projects:


    Performance Management (PM)

    April 2013 Public Health Foundation Training:

    Workforce Development

    PHAB Documentation Examples

    Documentation Narrative Samples:

    Internal Mock Site Visit Templates:

    PHAB Site Visit Preparation Material Examples:

    PHAB Version V1.5 Crosswalks:

    Communication and Branding:

    Training and Tools

    Engaging Staff and Leadership:

    Obtaining County Level Data:

    Evidence-Based Strategies Topical Area Examples

    Kentucky LHD Accreditation Readiness Assessment

    Domain Specific Documents


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