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Food Prescriptions

WIC provides a monthly prescription of nutritious foods tailored to supplement the dietary needs of participants.  The foods are specifically chosen to provide high levels of protein, iron, calcium and vitamins A and C, nutrients that have been scientifically shown to be lacking or needed in extra amounts in the diets of the WIC population.  These five nutrients plus calories and other essential nutrients provided by the WIC food prescription are critical for assuring good health, growth and development.  Kentucky has developed a WIC Approved Food List which lists specific foods from the WIC food groups for purchase.


Resource Guide for WIC Formulas (January 2005)

Requirements for Issuing Formula (January 2005)

Non Standard (January 2005)

Special Formula-Local Agency or State Agency Approval (January 2005)

Special Formula - State Agency Approval (January 2005)

Human Milk Fortifier-State Agency Approval (January 2005)

Formula Package Codes by Company (January 2005)

Items Not Approved (January 2005) 

Index (January2005)




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