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Memos for Local Health Departments


Sep. 8       

Unemployment Insurance and Voting Leave for School Health Employees                    


July 6  

New Minimum Wage

April 8   

HANDS Reallocation

Feb. 18    

Coding Leave Time Due to Adverse Weather and Closures


July 3

Classification Changes                    


Jan. 13

IT Classification Changes                           


July 6 

Public Health Director Changes

April 6  

New Regulations in Effect April 1, 2011

Jan. 19     

First Steps Classifications


Aug. 30  

Required Furlough Personnel Action and Timesheet Coding

Feb. 16

FMLA Military Provisions and NDAA for FY 2010 Amendments

Feb. 8



Nov. 9

Recommendation of Responding to Emergencies

Oct. 1

Compensation Scale Corrections in the Maximum Level (Hourly, Bi-weekly, Annual)

Sep. 8

FMLA Qualifying Exigency Leave and Substitution of Paid Leave

Sep. 4

Adoption and Use of Sick Leave Credit

Aug. 18

Holidays and Closures for Partial Year/School Schedule (PY/SS) Employees

July 8

New Hire Reporting

June 15  

Health Environmental Series

May 21

Policy Clarification for Health Insurance (HI)/Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

May 21

Policy Clarification for Health Insurance (HI) for Partial Year School Health Employees

April 8

School Schedule/Partial Year Employees and Holidays

April 7

Deficit Reduction Act and
Employee Education about False Claims
and False Claims Recovery handout

Jan. 6

Nursing Licensure


    July 31

    School Health Partial Year

    July 9

    Comp Hours

    March 24

    Advertising Procedures for Open Positions                  

    March 17

    Merit Classification Removals

    March 14

    Coding and Billing - Salary Increases

    Feb. 20

    Comp Time

    Feb. 18

    Changes in CLIA through
    Division of Laboratory Services

    Jan. 29

    Local Health Personnel Classifications


    Last Updated 9/9/2016