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Enrollment Procedures for New Providers

Enrollment Procedures for New Providers
Effective July 1, 2003
(May 29, 2003 Revision)

A new provider is defined as:

  • An independent provider or entity/agency consisting of one or more providers that does not have a current contract and provider number; or
  • The personnel who will be providing services under a new contract/provider number; or
  • A provider who is currently working under another provider entity’s provider number and wants to provide services under his/her own provider number; or
  • A former First Steps provider who is not covered under a current contract and does not have a valid CBIS provider number

Note: Effective July 1, 2003, if you billed CBIS for First Steps services within the past 12 months but you are no longer included under a valid provider agreement, then you must complete all the following requirements, including mandatory introductory and orientation to First Steps training.

Step One: Verify that discipline and county of practice are on the First Steps provider shortage list

Step Two: Verify that you meet the personnel qualifications for that discipline

The Department For Public Health/Division of Adult and Child Health Improvement is accepting applications for new providers for only those disciplines and counties of practice in which there is currently a shortage of providers. For a list of counties and disciplines, click here. Additionally, First Steps providers are required to meet the personnel qualifications as specified for that discipline in 911 KAR 2:150E.

Note: If you are applying to be a developmental interventionist, primary level evaluator, or a primary service coordinator, then you must be credentialed by the Department for Public Health to provide these services before proceeding with the enrollment process. For information about the credentialing process, click on the appropriate link:

Qualifications and approve procedures for becoming a First Steps Developmental Interventionist

Qualifications and Credentialing Procedures for Becoming  a First Steps Primary Level Evaluator

Qualifications and Credentialing Procedures for Becoming a First Steps Primary Service Coordinator 

Step Three: Contact the university-cased First Steps technical assistance team’s program consultant responsible for the county in which you practice.  

You must notify the program consultant of your intent to be a First Steps provider prior to beginning the application process. The program consultant will be your point of contact during the enrollment process. For a list of program consultants, click here.

Step Four:Complete Web-based introduction to First Steps training, mandatory post-tests and provider enrollment forms.

The program consultant will instruct you to complete web-based introduction to First Steps training. The training consists of three training tracks. After you complete each training track, you will be instructed to download/print and complete the mandatory post-test.

Print Form 5 First Steps provider agreement and review prior to taking tests, as some of the answer to the questions can be located in the agreement

Step Five:The CBIS provider enrollment form (Form 6) requires you to specify if someone other than the providers listed on this form will be responsible for billing activities. If the answer is yes, then she/he must complete track two of the introductory training, which covers the First Steps central billing and information system, and the post-test for track two.

Track I (PowerPoint File)or Track I (PDF File)

Track I Post Test (PDF File)

Track II (PowerPoint File), or Track II (PDF File)

Track II Post Test (PDF File)

Track III (PowerPoint File), or Track III (PDF File)

Track III Post Test (PDF File)

Step Six: At this point, you will have completed the following actions:

  1. You have determined that you meet the county and discipline requirements;
  2. You meet the personnel qualifications for the discipline as specified in 911 KAR 2:150E;
  3. If you intend to be a developmental interventionist, primary level evaluator, or primary service coordinator you have written documentation from Department for Public Health that you have been approved/credentialed to provide this service.
  4. You have contacted the First Steps program consultant responsible for the county(s) in which you will practice and informed her of your intent to enroll as a provider;
  5. You have completed each of the three tracks of the mandatory web-based "Introduction to First Steps" training and the required post-tests.
  6. You have legible copies of required licenses, certificates, etc.
  7. You have accurately completed the required provider enrollment forms as specified in Introduction to First Steps, track three.
  8. You have signed and dated the forms as indicated in the instructions.

Step Seven: You will provide the First Steps program consultant with the following information/ enrollment "packet":

  1. Mandatory post-tests completed by each provider listed on CBIS Provider Enrollment Form (Form 6), including the post-test for track two if someone other than a provider listed on Form 6 is responsible for billing.
  2. Legible credentials (licenses, registrations, certificates, IECE Certification for developmental interventionists, etc.) as required under 911 KAR 2:150E for each provider listed on the Form 6. Licenses, registrations, etc. Must be current; expired documents will not be accepted.
  3. Provider Enrollment Forms, including the:

    Note: *As instructed under item 2 of these procedures, you must submit qualifying documentation and receive written notification from Department for Public Health that you meet the requirements for being a Developmental Interventionist or a Primary Level Evaluator BEFORE you submit an enrollment "packet" to your First Steps Program Consultant.

Step Eight: The First Steps Program Consultant will score your post-tests and review your credentials and completed provider enrollment forms

If you score less than 100% or have made errors or omitted information, the Program Consultant will return the entire enrollment packet to you. You will have the opportunity to correct your errors and omissions and return the enrollment packet to the Program Consultant for re-review.

Step Nine: You will attend mandatory training: Orientation to First Steps and the IFSP Process*

After you have successfully completed and returned the mandatory post-tests, provider enrollment forms, and provided the required licenses, certificates, registrations, etc., you will be scheduled by the Program Consultant to attend an Orientation to First Steps and the IFSP Process mandatory one-day training and be notified of the date, time, and location.

(Note: *Primary Service Coordinators are required to complete the Primary Service Coordination Training which consists of five days. The Program Consultant will describe this training to you, including the time frame for completing the training.)

Step Ten: Once you have completed the required Orientation training, you will receive a training certificate. You will provide a copy of this certificate to the First Steps Program Consultant.

Step Eleven: The Program Consultant will forward the provider’s enrollment information/packet to the Department for Public Health Provider Relations for processing.

Step Twelve: The Department for Public Health Provider Relations will notify and send you a CBIS provider number after you are approved to be a First Steps provider.

You can begin to provide and bill First Steps services only after you receive written approval and a CBIS provider number. You may ONLY provide services under the discipline and in the county(s) for which you are approved.

Reminder Regarding Patients

Both Department for Public Health and CBIS are committed to processing your payments as quickly as possible. Though it is not our intent to delay processing payments remember that we are obligated to provide payment within 30 days of receipt of an accurate and properly submitted billing. As a business, you are responsible for managing your cash flow in order to meet your operating expenses within this allowable timeframe.


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