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Both Department of Public Health and CBIS are committed to processing your payments as quickly as possible. Though it is not our intent to delay processing payments remember that we are obligated to provide payment within 30 days of receipt of an accurate and properly submitted billing. As a business, you are responsible for managing your cash flow in order to meet your operating expenses within this allowable timeframe.


Due to the addition of co-treatment, two new service codes had to be added to CBIS billing: X0050C for office/center based therapeutic co-treatment and X0060C for home/community based therapeutic co-treatment. These service codes can be combined with any of the discipline codes listed in the emergency regulation effective 1/1/2003. Due to this change, two summary sheet forms and the billing form had to be changed to allow for authorization of the new services. We also took the opportunity to make minor adjustments to two other summary sheet forms that were long overdue. All of these can be accessed now on our website by going to and clicking on "download forms" from this page. Each form has the date it was last updated, so you can easily find the ones with modifications.

First Steps Technical Assistance Teams

First Steps Provider Qualifications

Provider Enrollment Procedures:

Procedures For Becoming a New First Steps Provider1
Procedures For First Steps Provider Agreement Renewals2
Procedures for Submitting an Addendum to Change/Modify an Existing Provider Agreement2
Provider Enrollment Forms for Downloading/Printing

1If you as an independent provider or your agency have never billed, or have not submitted a bill for First Steps services in the past twelve months, then you (if you are an independent provider) or your agency are required to enroll as a new provider.

2To be an "existing" provider, an independent provider or agency must have an approved Provider Agreement on file with the Commission  and a valid CBIS provider number. Renewals will be due for the 2004-2006 biennium in Spring 2004. Details will be posted when available.

First Steps Provider Training, Workshops and Conferences

First Steps Policy and Procedures


Provider Qualifications
911 KAR 2:150E
Summary Table of Qualifications for Professional Personnel
General Roles of Professional Disciplines
Summary Table of Qualifications for Paraprofessional Personnel
General Roles of Paraprofessional Disciplines
Requirements and Procedures for Becoming a Developmental Interventionist

Credentialing Requirements for Developmental Interventionist
New Teacher Standards for Preparation and Certification: Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Birth to Primary (Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board, January 1995)
Form 7: First Steps Professional Development Plan for Developmental Interventionist (DI) Achieving the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE) Certification
Requirements and Procedures for Becoming a Primary Service Coordinator

Credentialing Requirements for Primary Service Coordinator
Requirements and Procedures for Becoming a Primary Developmental Evaluator*

Credentialing Requirements for Primary Level Evaluator
* Primary Developmental Evaluator may also be referred to as a Primary Level Evaluator (PLE) or Primary Evaluator

Provider Enrollment Forms for Downloading/ Printing

The following forms are in pdf format and require Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or later. Click here to download the reader.

Instructions - Form 5: Provider Agreement
Instructions - Form 6: First Steps Central Billing and Information System (CBIS) Enrollment Form
Instructions - Form 8: Electronic "Billing" Media Addendum 
Form 5: Provider Agreement 
Form 6: First Steps Central Billing and Information System (CBIS) Enrollment Form
Form 9: Codes of Disciplines (A list of discipline codes that must be included on Form 6)
Form 8: Electronic "Billing" Media Addendum This is a Required Form (filling out Form 8 does not require you to submit bills electronically)      
Form 7: First Steps Professional Development Plan for Developmental Interventionist (DI) Achieving the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE) Certification. Required for DI who does not presently have certification as required in 911 KAR 2:150 Section 1 (c).

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