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Disease Surveillance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requires the state to report specific confirmed diseases within a particular timeframe. By leveraging a cutting-edge, Web-based system, the Office of Information Technology and disease program coordinators can comply with time-sensitive reporting requirements. The Kentucky Electronic Public Health Record System (KY-EPHRS) provides the backbone of an integrated electronic health record, including disease surveillance.

Hospitals and health departments use this system for the initial notification of potential reportable diseases.  The application contains patient demographic data, test results, symptoms and lab results.

The health department’s staff then makes the determination if the disease needs further investigation. Upon the completion of the investigation, infection control investigators determine if the case should be forwarded to state officials for confirmation. If the case is confirmed, KY-EPHRS will electronically transmit the information to the CDC.


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Last Updated 1/30/2009