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Division of Epidemiology and Health Planning

275 E. Main St.
Frankfort, KY 40621
Phone: (502) 564-3418
Fax: (502) 564-0542
Dr. Jonathan Ballard - Director
Mr. Paul Royce - Assistant Director

The Division of Epidemiology and Health Planning is responsible for the control of communicable disease, disease surveillance and investigation, injury prevention and research, vital statistics and health data.

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Infectious Diseases Branch

275 E. Main St.
Frankfort, KY 40621
Phone: (502) 564-7243
Fax: (502) 696-3803 (Secure fax)
After-hours consultation: 888-973-7678/888-9-REPORT, option #8

The Infectious Diseases Branch is responsible for the prevention and control of certain infectious diseases. Local health departments provide direct care while the Frankfort office provides training, educational materials, consultations, technical assistance, program planning and evaluation. The branch provides professional consultation to the health care community as well as to individual programs in the department and in local health departments.

It is also responsible for the training and support for the Epidemiology Rapid Response Teams that provide support to local health departments in controlling disease outbreaks. This mission is accomplished through six major programs: 

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) Prevention - (502) 564-3161 ext. 4129

Immunizations - (502) 564-4478

Reportable Diseases - (502) 564-3261

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention and Control - (502) 564-4804

Tuberculosis Prevention and Control - (502) 564-4276

Viral Hepatitis Prevention Section - (502) 564-3261, ext. 3161


275 E. Main St. HS2E-C
Frankfort, KY 40621
Phone: (502) 564-6539
Toll Free: (800) 420-7431
Fax: (502) 564-9865

The Kentucky Department for Public Health HIV/AIDS Branch assesses the current and future impact of HIV in Kentucky. The branch is composed of Surveillance, Prevention and Service programs.

Surveillance Program - HIV/AIDS Case Reporting: (866) 510-0008 or (502) 564-0536
The surveillance section is responsible for the documentation and maintenance of the HIV/AIDS cases reported to it by HIV testing entities. State regulation 902 KAR 2:020, Section 7, requires testing facilities to report HIV and AIDS cases to the Kentucky Department for Public Health within five business days of diagnosis.

Prevention Program: (502) 564-6539
The Prevention section provides HIV prevention education to those at risk for infection and to licensed professionals providing interventions.

Services Program: (866) 510-0005 or (502) 564-6539
The services program receives the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act Title II grant. The CARE Act is a federal mandate that was created to address health care and service needs of People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWH/A) disease. The services program supports quality PLWH/A disease care and services in a timely manner consistent across a continuum of care. These services are mainly provided via a network of programs established at local health departments, local clinics and community based organizations in various regions of the state.

The branch also manages the HIV/AIDS Continuing Education Program, (502) 564-6539

Public Health Preparedness Branch

275 E. Main St.
Frankfort, KY 40621
Phone (502) 564-7243
Fax (502) 564-4387
Emergency After Hours 1-888-9REPORT

In 2002, the Kentucky Department for Public Health established the Public Health Preparedness Branch to provide state-level planning and coordination activities for all public health emergency events. The branch coordinates with local preparedness coordinators, training coordinators and epidemiologist to assure collaboration on all state and local planning activities.

The preparedness staff also is the coordinating agency for all state-level public health response activities and is the Cabinet coordinating agency for Kentucky State Emergency Support Function 8 – Health and Medical Response activities. The commonwealth receives federal funding to support preparedness activities from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Healthcare Resource Services and Administration for activities involving both public and private health. The Preparedness Branch manages both of these programs.

Vital Statistics

275 E. Main St. 1E-A
Frankfort, KY 40621
Phone: (502) 564-4212
Fax: (502) 227-9849

The Vital Statistics Branch collects, preserves and protects certificates for all births, deaths, marriages, divorces and induced terminations of pregnancies and issues certified copies.

The branch records and provides for each person born in Kentucky a means of establishing legal identity, age, parentage and nationality. It also makes available a legal document of the date, place and cause of every death occurring in the state and provides a central repository for records of certain other vital events.

Finally the branch augments and supports the planning, management and evaluation of human resources programs and other agencies through the collection and analysis of vital statistics data.

The branch includes the Registration and Amendment Section, Certification Section, Administrative and Quality Assurance Section and Data Surveillance Section.


Last Updated 2/9/2018