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HIV/AIDS Branch Documents

This page contains helpful documents used in Kentucky to plan HIV prevention and services.

2012 HIV Services Contractor Orientation

These are the presentations from the HIV/AIDS Services Contractor Orientation meeting held September 2012 (all documents open in a new window).

Cultural Competency (pdf, 1.5 MB)
Development Part B System of Care (pdf, 1.5 MB)
HIV/AIDS Bureau Core Clinical Measures (pdf, 30 KB)
Kentucky Impact of Affordable Care Act on Ryan White Programs (pdf, 760 KB)
Kentucky HIV Medical Case Management Overview (pdf, 2.8 MB)
Kentucky HIV/AIDS RW Part B Contractor Orientation – Sept 2012 (pdf, 730 KB)
HIV Services Quality Improvement Plan (pdf, 1.1 MB)

2012 Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need (SCSN)

Background documents for consideration of the working group in creating the 2012 SCSN (all documents open in a new window).

Prescription Drug Trends in Kentucky, Short Report, December 2011 (pdf, 582kb)

State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) Report, 2012 (pdf, 6.5 MB)

Kentucky HIV/AIDS Strategy, 2012 (Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need) (pdf, 1.8 MB)

2009 Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need (SCSN)

2009 Kentucky Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need (pdf, 420k)

2009 Kentucky Statewide Comprehensive Plan (pdf, 502k)

2010 Kentucky HIV/AIDS Ryan White Part B Program Quality Management Plan  (pdf, 40k)

Background documents used by working group in creating the 2009 SCSN (all documents open in a new window).


1999 Kentucky SCSN.doc

SCSN presentation at public hearing 3-1-00.ppt

2002 Kentucky Needs Assess.doc

2003 Kentucky SCSN.doc

2005 Kentucky SCSN.doc


SCSN Comprehensive Plan KHPAC August 2006.ppt

2008 Final Prevention Plan.doc

HIV Prevention Needs Assessment Revised Oct 2007.pdf

Julie FinalCapstone-July2008 Needs Assessment Oct 2007 data.doc

JulieCapstonePresentation revised Needs Assessment Oct 2007 data.ppt

KY Dept Education HIV Project Narrative Kentucky.doc

SAC Manifesto Update Final pdf 071408.pdf

SCSN Guidance from HRSA 2009.pdf

SCSN_Florida 2006-2009.pdf

KY_Report AA Needs Assesment.pdf

  - Appendix Kentucky Consumer Questions_Discussion Guide.pdf

  - Appendix Kentucky Participant Questionnaire_Demographic Instrument.pdf

  - Appendix Kentucky Provider Questions_Discussion Guide.pdf

2007 HRSA Needs Assessment Revised Oct 2007.doc

Additional informative documents created since the 2009 SCSN (all documents open in a new window).

2009 Evaluation of MSM HIV Prevention Program Narrative

October 2010 - Southern AIDS Coalition Report:  "Still Caught in the Storm - The Continuing Crisis of HIV/AIDS among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men who have Sex with Men in the Southern United States"

Kentucky Rapid HIV Testing Guidelines for Local Health Departments (2010)

Guide on Sustainability and Reimbursement for HIV Testing in Health Care Facilities (Florida) (2011)


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