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HIV/AIDS Prevention Resources - Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

The AIDS Project in Louisville provides HIV prevention, education and testing services. Programs include staff led volunteer outreach teams that go to local bars, community fairs and special events. Services include condom distribution, counseling and testing and referrals while practicing harm-reduction techniques. Phone (502) 608-0586.

AIDS Services Center Coalition (ASCC) is a coalition of agencies helping direct the public to appropriate AIDS service agencies. It also provides literature and an HIV/AIDS resource directory and has an extensive volunteer network.Phone (502) 574-5490

AIDS Volunteers, Inc. (AVOL) in Lexington is a community-based organization providing HIV and AIDS education, prevention initiatives, service programs and financial assistance to persons infected with and affected by HIV disease in Central and Eastern Kentucky. Some services provided by AVOL include: a speakers bureau, support groups, financial assistance, case management, transitional housing for the homeless and HIV+, a community residence for those in the end stages of AIDS, community outreach, condom distribution, educational programs and materials and prevention activities. Program referrals and connections are provided through health departments, other volunteer organizations and HIV care coordinators. Phone (859) 225-3000, Fax (859) 225-9244

The American Red Cross (ARC) operates in or serves nearly every county in Kentucky. The number of ARC employees ranges from one or two in smaller communities to more than 300 in the Louisville Chapter. The larger urban chapters offer a broad range of services. HIV/AIDS services include literature, AIDS 101 training, peer training for adolescents, African-American AIDS 101 training, Hispanic AIDS 101 training, rural and church leader AIDS 101 training, prison personnel training and a program called AIDS in the Workplace designed for work settings. Phone (502) 589-4450

Bluegrass Care Clinic (BCC) in Lexington is a Ryan White CARE Act grantee. The BCC provides both clinical and support services for HIV/AIDS patients and their families in 63 Central and Eastern Kentucky counties. The BCC staff is trained to provide harm reduction information and counseling regarding drug use, sexual activity and other high risk activities for HIV transmission and infection. In addition, the BCC also provides pre/post test counseling and testing. Phone (859) 323-5544,  Fax (859) 257-2040

Bluegrass Community Health Center (BCHC) is a non-profit Federally Qualified Health Center with two Lexington clinic sites.  The health center provides patient-centered preventive and primary healthcare, including HIV testing, for pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients. BCHC provides services to the uninsured and accepts Medicaid, Medicare and many private insurances. Most of BCHC patients are charged on a sliding fee scale based on the family size and income (federal poverty guidelines).  
BCHC was originally established in 2001 with a federal 330 health center grant to serve local farm workers. In 2007, additional grant funding awards allowed an expansion to serve the greater community, including uninsured patients and people experiencing homelessness.  BCHC's  dedication to serving a diverse population encouraged the employment of many bilingual employees to supplement telephone interpreting services.  
Office:  (859) 259-2635; Fax:  (859) 254-7874.  BCHC sites:  1306 Versailles Rd. Lexington KY 40504, 151 N. Eagle Creek Lexington KY 40509.

Harlan Countians for a Healthier Community located in Baxter, is a coalition of healthcare providers, consumers, and other interested agencies whose purpose is to improve healthcare in Harlan County.  (606) 573-6115


Hazard Perry County Community Ministries is located in Hazard.  Their purpose is to meet community needs through supportive services (outreach and case management), crisis aid, homeless shelter, transitional housing and childcare.  Phone(606) 439-1122, Fax (606) 439-1160


Heartland CARES, Inc. in Paducah is a non-profit organization, serving people with HIV and AIDS in the Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois regions. The mission is to provide various components of care needed for persons living with HIV and AIDS regardless of ethnicity, gender, religious, beliefs, sexual orientation, or ability to pay, and to provide education and prevention to the general public to help stop the spread of HIV and STDs.  Medical services are primarily supported through Ryan White funding.  The clinic also has numerous supporting services, which include Care Coordinator Program, HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS) Grant Emergency Assistance, SAMHSA Grant, and HOME Grant.  Heartland CARES houses the Western Kentucky Prevention Team that is responsible for HIV/AIDS prevention in 42 counties.  Phone (270) 444-8183


House of Ruth provides social, emotional and financial support to people living with HIV/AIDS in the Louisville/Jefferson County area.  Phone (502) 587-5080


The I.N.D.Y. (I’m Not Dead Yet) Project founded in 1994 serves Northern Kentucky.  INDY is an organization dedicated to the enhancement of life for individuals affected by HIV and AIDS by providing social outlet in a variety of environments and frameworks with one basic goal in mind: having fun!  Members and sponsors attend and host picnics, movie nights, dinners, camping trips, art events and parties. The group is dedicated to the proposition that through the joy of celebrating life there is hope and healing, and celebration is best engaged through groups of like minded individuals.  (513) 343-9999.


Matthew 25 AIDS Services, Inc. lin Henderson is a Ryan White CARE Act and CDC Prevention Grantee and a provider of primary health care to people living with HIV in Daviess, Henderson, Union and Webster counties.  Services include medical case management and referrals, a buddy program, literature, spiritual support, financial assistance, a speakers’ bureau, support groups (HIV positive individuals, family and friends), transportation and prevention education for the community and medical professionals.  Matthew 25 also distributes HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS) funds and does counseling and testing for HIV (blood and oral testing). Phone  (270) 826-0200


Moveable Feast - Lexington (MFL) is a nutritional support program, serving people with HIV disease and their dependent children living in the Lexington/Fayette County area. Clients receive social support and a hot, freshly cooked dinner five days a week. MFL can also serve as a referral source to other community based organizations in the region. All services are completely free of charge.  Phone  (859) 252-2867


North Central AHEC/HETC seeks to promote healthy communities through innovative partnerships.  This is accomplished by providing educational support services to health professions students and health care providers, community health education and programs to encourage health professions as a career choice.  North Central AHEC/HETC (Health Education Training Center) collaborates with Area Health Education Centers across the state who recruit individuals from Hispanic communities, provide training, and utilize them to conduct HIV prevention activities in their communities.  AHECs in Lexington (covering 5 counties) and Covington (covering 4 counties) currently conduct outreach in Hispanic communities, provide HIV testing, and conduct two community level intervention (Juntos and Promotores de Salud).  A third AHEC in Louisville conducts similar activities with African-American communities.  North Central AHEC/HETC also collaborates with the Bluegrass Farmworker Health Center to provide additional outreach to migrant farm workers as well as testing.  The Lexington and Covington AHECs as well as the Bluegrass Farmworker Health Center provides interpreters who assist Hispanic clients to receive services from other service providers. Phone (859) 442-1191, Fax (859) 581-0589


Owensboro Area HIV/AIDS Task Force, Inc. is a non-profit CBO funded by donations.  This agency serves its clients with emergency financial assistance, transitional housing, and acts as an advocate with property owners, utility companies, Social Security, HOPWA and other community service agencies.  Volunteers also provide community outreach services with HIV prevention and risk reduction programs to targeted populations and various communities, medical professionals and local organizations.  The Task Force dispenses printed risk reduction materials, condoms (male and female), dental dams, and cleaning kits for injecting drug users.  The Task Force also goes into public sex environments offering similar services, as well as HIV testing.  Members of the Task Force are state certified pre and post-test counselors as well as certified to administer OraSure for HIV testing.  Members are also certified to inspect potential housing for clients wishing to obtain HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS) funding.  The Task Force is a certified partner of the Balm in Gilead.  A support group for people with HIV is in place. They act as a referral source to all the available assistance programs for clients.  The Task Force utilizes some HIV positive members to give presentations at several high schools -- a program describing the emotional, physical and financial stresses of being HIV positive. Phone (270) 683-6018


Sisters and Brothers Surviving AIDS (SABSA) is a support group located in Louisville for all HIV positive people and their friends and family.  SABSA provides education and emotional support specific to the needs of those living with HIV and more specifically to the needs of the African-American community.  However, everyone is welcome regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, creed, religion or ethnic background.  (502) 231-3871


STOP AIDS (formerly AIDS Volunteers of Cincinnati (AVOC)) located in Cincinnati, OH is a community-based organization that provides a wide variety of services to individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and to the broader community, especially high-risk populations at increased risk for HIV exposure. Although STOP AIDS primarily serves Cincinnati and southwest Ohio, they offer many of their services to individuals and groups in Northern Kentucky. These services include community outreach, prevention and education presentations, street outreach to women in underserved communities, testing and counseling services, an informational and referral hotline and a speaker’s bureau. Phone (513) 421-AIDS (2437).


The University of Cincinnati Emergency Room also has a grant to conduct HIV testing and counseling services with patients who are seen through the Emergency Room.  This program targets high-risk individuals who receive their primary medical care through the Emergency Room.  If an individual is diagnosed, a referral is made to Holmes Clinic.  (513) 584-5700


University of Cincinnati Hospital, Holmes Clinic located in Cincinnati, Ohio is the Infectious Disease Center for the University of Cincinnati Hospital.  Holmes Clinic provides medical services to individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and is funded primarily through Ryan White funds.  Holmes Clinic provides these services to individuals from several states, and a significant percentage of individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and living in Northern Kentucky use Holmes Clinic for their infectious disease care.  In addition, Holmes Clinic conducts partner testing for patients of the clinic.  (513) 584-6977


Volunteers of America, Inc. (VOA) in Louisville provides HIV prevention education, focus groups, and risk reduction workshops to drug users, men, women, and youth at risk.  The prevention services offered include pre-test and post-test counseling, HIV testing, factual information about reducing HIV risk factors associated with drug use and sexual behavior, alcoholism and drug abuse assessments, and referrals to HIV related and non-related resources as needed or by request.  VOA provides an AIDS Housing Integration Project, which offers technical assistance to shelters, housing providers, and housing developers to help establish and implement new housing programs for homeless and low-income persons with HIV/AIDS.  VOA also holds the state's Ryan White Services contract, and provides case management services for people with HIV.  This includes client intake and assessment, goal setting, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, referral to community services, emergency financial assistance, linkage to rental and utility assistance, entry into support groups, mental health and substance abuse counseling. Phone (502) 635-5411


Westlake Primary Care, located in Columbia, provides information and educational AIDS materials, prevention kits with condoms, confidential testing and pre and post-test counseling.  Phone (270) 384-4764


WINGS Clinic is the University of Louisville's HIV/AIDS medical clinic, and is the largest provider of HIV care in Kentucky.  Current service activities provided by the HIV medical clinic include:  1) HIV counseling & testing services; 2) Primary HIV medical services; 3) Client advocacy/financial eligibility services; 4) Mental health screening, assessment, treatment, referral, and case management; 5) Substance abuse screening, assessment, treatment, and referral; 6) Nutritional assessment and referral; 7) Oral health care referrals; 8) On-site consultations with a pharmacist regarding medication adherence education and evaluation of medication tolerability; 9) Referrals to other specialty care within the UL medical clinics; and 10) Access to clinical drug trials.  The goal of the UL HIV/AIDS medical clinic is 100% access to care with zero percent disparity in the quality of care regardless of disability, social background, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, or the ability to pay.  Care is based on a sliding fee basis.  (502) 561-8844



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