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Reporting Requirements

KY Reporting Requirements

Currently, all outbreaks in Kentucky, regardless of the organism (not just what is on the reportable disease list) must be reported.

902 KAR 2:020 - Disease Surveillance

Section 5 Outbreaks or Unusual Public Health Occurrences

(1) If, in the judgment of a health professional licensed under KRS Chapters 311 through 314, or a health facility licensed under KRS Chapter 216B, an unexpected pattern of cases, suspected cases, or deaths which may indicate

  • a newly-recognized infectious agent,
  • an outbreak,
  • epidemic,
  • related public health hazard or
  • an act of bioterrorism, such as smallpox,

appears, a report shall be made immediately.

An outbreak is defined in the KY Reportable Disease Desk Reference as the occurrence of cases of a communicable disease in a particular area and period of time, which is in excess of the expected number of cases.

If you have any questions or wish to report an outbreak, contact KY Reportable Disease section at (502) 564-3418 or 1-888-973-7678.

Healthcare Facility Initial Outbreak Reporting Form

KY Healthcare Facility Outbreak Final Summary Report Outline

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Last Updated 8/21/2012