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Preparedness at a Glance

October 2014

*This is not the full newsletter. View the complete October 2014 Preparedness at a Glance Newsletter.

On the Radar: Upcoming Deliverables

Core Deliverables
Joint Meetings: Participate in joint meetings, conference and ITVs. The next ITV is scheduled October 8th from 1:30-3:30 EST. The next face-to-face joint meeting will be Nov. 19. 2014 in Versailles at the KCTCS building.


LHDs will conduct a Seminar to discuss the LHD’s implementation of Continuity of Operations plans and procedures. Participation should include defined tier staff according to LHD guidelines. Due by December 31, 2014

After Action Reports/Improvement Plans or Executive Summary will be submitted to KDPH within 60 days of an exercise or planned event, or within 120 days of a real-world event.

Local Health Departments will inventory PHEP/HPP purchased assets, inventory will include assets valued over 500 dollars and pilferable items. Due December 31, 2014.

LHDs will develop, review and update (as necessary) the Local Health Department’s jurisdiction SNS Plan and increase dispensing capability. Due March 31, 2015.

LHD will maintain a process to ensure key personnel within the LHD can be contacted within 30 minutes (24/7) via the agency’s main phone number. This ability will be tested by KDPH by June 30, 2015
Each LHD will determine appropriate staff needed during a response to a public health emergency or disaster and assure staff receives required training based on Training Matrix. Due June 30, 2015


MRC Deliverables

Participate in State MRC Leader Meetings (twice per year).

Update the MRC unit's information and activities on the DCV/MRC website quarterly. Contact Heather Walls for more information. 


Epi Deliverables

Provide epidemiological consultation to all health departments in the assigned region as necessary.


Deliverable Highlight– Deliverable Sessions at ESF-8 Conference

It’s time to update your progress for the first quarter (July 1- September 30) in Catalyst. Please provide a journal entry to reflect progress for all deliverables.

  • Report quarterly “Not Initiated,” “In Progress” or “Met” for each deliverable until it is met.
  • Where “Not Applicable” is listed, entries are not needed because documentation is being kept by the State.

For instance, if you have already completed your COOP Seminar provide a journal entry in Catalyst that states this deliverable has been “Met”. If you are in the planning stage enter “In Progress”, if you have not started planning, enter this as “Not Initiated”. Remember the deadline for holding the COOP Seminar is December 31.

If you have questions or concerns about Catalyst or Deliverables, please contact Jeff Brock or Teddy Slone.

Local News

Visit the Preparedness News page to find out about preparedness activities around the state.


News from the Branch

Enterovirus D68 on the Rise

The Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH) has identified an increase of respiratory illnesses, Reports from local health departments and calls from hospitals indicate increased admissions for acute respiratory illness, particularly among children.
Human Enterovirus D68 is not a new virus, and it typically causes upper respiratory illness, such as low-grade fever, cough, runny nose, sneezing and body/muscle aches. Infected individuals generally self-recover without incident by treating symptoms. However, some individuals, especially those with weakened immune systems or underlying medical conditions, such as asthma, may experience severe complications and require hospitalization with supportive therapy.
KDPH encourages health care providers to submit specimens to the KDPH Division of Laboratory Services (DLS) from patients with severe acute respiratory illness in which RSV and influenza tests are negative or those who have tested positive on molecular respiratory pathogen panels for rhinovirus/enterovirus.
This information along with information Preparedness Month was shared with pharmacists across the state via newsletter due to the partnership between KDPH and Kentucky Pharmacists Association (KPhA).

Past Newsletters



Public Information Officers/spokesperson CERC Classes-

Online Course
Website: click here

Medical Management of CBRNE Events-

When: October 29-30
Contact: Bill Turner
Where: Gateway Community and Technical College Edgewood Campus 
Register by October 25th: Registration Website

Toxic Chemical Training for Medical Support-

When: October 16, 2014
Contact: Kim Yazell
Train ID: 105345

KYEM Social Media Seminar-

When: November 13,2014 9:00-12:00 ET
Where: Transportation Cabinet Frankfort, KY
Contact: Terry Varney
Registration required: Register here. Space is limited.


Events and Exercises

KOIN/KY Functional Needs Collaborative Workshop
When: October 22, 2014
When: 10:00-12:00 ET
Contact: Barbara Fox

BECKY meeting
When: October 30, 2014
Contact: Doug Thoroughman


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