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Preparedness at a Glance

April 2014

*This is not the full newsletter. View the complete April 2014 Preparedness at a Glance Newsletter

On the Radar: Upcoming Deliverables

Core Deliverables
Joint Meetings: Participate in Joint Meetings, Conference and ITVs. The next ITV is scheduled May 14, 2014 1:30-3:30 EST. The next Face to Face Joint meeting will be part of the ESF 8 Conference June 9-11 in Louisville.



Each LHD shall determine appropriate staff needed during a response to a public health emergency or disaster and assure staff receives required training based on Training Matrix.  Due by June 30, 2014.

LHD will design, conduct, participate, and evaluate exercises (including drills) in accordance with HSEEP and KDPH guidelines. Due by June 30, 2014



Local Health Departments shall inventory PHEP/HPP purchased assets, inventory shall include assets valued over 500 dollars or pilferable items.  Due semi-annually December 31, 2013 and June 30, 2014


MRC Deliverables

The MRC unit must complete the listed tasks to maintain MRC unit status with the Division of Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps (DCVMRC) and to retain 823 funding from the state for said MRC unit.  The following tasks help to maintain the MRC unit and volunteer recruitment and retention. Contact Heather Walls for more information. 


HPP Deliverables: HPP Planning

Set strategic goals and activities for the region by working with the Center for Performance Management.  Form a strategic planning workgroup and schedule time with Center for Performance Management to facilitate and develop a Strategic Plan.  Due June 30, 2014

*Deliverable documentation must be uploaded or updated in Catalyst unless otherwise designated.


Deliverable Highlight– LHDs Will Update their Inventory of Prepareness Assets

To meet this deliverable the LHDs shall update their inventory from December with any new purchases of assets with PHEP/HPP monies. The updated inventory must be uploaded into Catalyst by June 20, 2014. Any item valued over 500 dollars or pilferable items should be included. 

Local News

Visit the Preparedness News page to find out about preparedness activities around the state.


News from the Branch

ESF 8 Conference Update and Funding Information

The ESF8 Conference has been rescheduled for June 9 – 11.  The location and general start and end times have not changed.  If you have already registered on TRAIN you will NOT need to reregister.  If you are unable to attend, you can either update your TRAIN registration by withdrawing or send an email to Amber Click or Kim Yazell.  If you have not registered yet we anticipate registration will be available by May 16.  Some of the presenters and classes will change due to scheduling conflicts and all these changes must be entered into TRAIN and continuing Education approved before registration can be made available.  If you are registered for a class that is changed, you will be notified.

The June Joint meeting has become part of this conference.  Normally our June meeting is devoted to going over and discussing the new preparedness deliverables.  In order to provide this information and hold the conference sessions we will offer “Deliverable Sessions” on each day to allow everyone to attend.  You only need to attend one session.

Hotel reservations MUST be made by May 27 in order to receive the $103 per night discounted rate.  After this date normal rates will apply and rooms will be on an “as available” basis.  The best way to make reservations is to use the reservation website or by calling 1-888-233-9527 and mentioning the ESF8 Conference.

Some of you have asked about the special travel funding for the conference.  This modification is adding funding to all LHD's in the amount listed on your addendum from AFM.  The allocation is in Cost Center 821 for ESF8 travel expenses.  The balance, after travel expenses, may be used for approved preparedness related activities.

Timing for this is going to need to be quick.  You will need to submit travel vouchers to your LHD using cost center 821 as soon as you return in order for your LHD to receive payment before closeout.


New Resource Request Board Available in WebEOC

Last fall, KDPH and KYEM stakeholders gathered for the purposes of improving interoperability of the two state agency WebEOC systems.  An immediate priority was placed on automating the process for tracking resource requests to state agencies in the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) and Department Operations Centers (DOC).  The group talked through the actual request process to document how it worked, and made requirements for the tracking component for WebEOC.  Those requirements were used for the foundation of the new Resource Request board which was developed as a joint effort between KDPH and KYEM WebEOC Administrators. 

The Resource Request board is designed to be used locally (at the county level) to track requests and document details such as who is providing the resource, who is delivering, and what is the cost.  When a request is made that cannot be filled locally or through mutual-aid agreements, the request can be sent to the state with all the history.  The local entities can follow the progress of the request as it moves through the SEOC and/or DOC.  In the case of District Health Departments, they have visibility of all their counties.  This new tool is available for use at both the local and state level.  Local Health Departments using the KDPH WebEOC system have access now and County Emergency Managers using the KYEM WebEOC system will have access in the coming weeks.  A quick reference guide is also in the works and will be distributed.


Health Risks and Resource Tools

In March, KDPH released “Health Risks & Resources Across Kentucky,” a new set of tools for public health preparedness in Kentucky. These tools were created as a resource for local public health agencies and partners. A jurisdictional assessment of health vulnerabilities and assets was conducted in order to fulfill Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Capability 1: Community Preparedness. Using information gathered in the assessment, three tools were developed: Health Risks & Resources Map, FAN Populations Board (WebEOC), and ESF-8 Resources Map (WebEOC).

The tools include health status indicators and health-related locations. The goal of these tools is to provide information that will increase awareness of health risks and resources across the Commonwealth. Information is available in both table and map formats to suit a variety of purposes. Data from these resources could be used for preparedness planning, strategic planning, accreditation process, grant writing, and other purposes. Detailed instructions and data sources are available. For assistance, please contact Brooke Skelley at Brooke Skelley.

By increasing awareness of needs and resources across the Commonwealth, KDPH aims to strengthen preparedness, response, and recovery efforts in Kentucky.

Past Newsletters


ESF 8 Conference Rescheduled!

June 9-11, 2014

  • Louisville Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • Registration will be available on TRAIN
  • Hotel reservations can be made at 1-888-233-9527 or visit the registration website.
  • Cutoff for special room rates is May 27, 2014.

Training- Know How

ICS 300-

TRAIN Course ID: 1048712

When: April 8-10, 2014

Contact: John Hunt


ICS 400 ITV-

Where: Barren River District Health Department

When: April 16-17, 2014, 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. CT

Contact: Jerrod Wright or Mike Harmon

Registration: TRAIN ID:1048540

ICS 300-

Where: Floyd County HD

When: April 23-25, 2014,

Contact: Kim Hall

Registration: TRAIN ID:1049744

MGT Public Information WMD/Terroism-

Contact: Mike Harmon or Barbara Fox

Registration: TRAIN ID:1048554

ICS 400-

Where: Floyd County Health Department

When: May 22-23, 2014

Contact: Kim Hall

ICS 400-

Where: Ashland, KY

Contact: John Hunt

Team Approach to Foodborne Outbreak Response-

Where: Floyd County

Contact: Kim Hall or John Hunt


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