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Emergency Support Team

During the hurricane recovery effort in the Mississippi Gulf Coast, CHFS staff pulled together and responded in many ways to the needs of both the people escaping the storms and those left in the affected Gulf Coast area. This assistance included: coordinating Kentucky agencies that could provide on-site medical care to the affected areas; sending qualified staff to help with rebuilding the infrastructure; sending medicine and other medical supplies; and providing residential and medical services to those that sought refuge in Kentucky.

The Public Health Preparedness Branch in the Department for Public Health is seeking to add members to the CHFS Emergency Support Function #8 Support Team to ensure that in the event of another natural disaster or emergency, our resources will be in place and ready. Team members are being sought throughout the Cabinet to help in the event of another disaster, either natural or man-made, both here or in another part of our nation.

What is the Emergency Support Function #8 Support Team?
The Emergency Support Function or “ESF” Support Team is a federal response team that brings together many agencies that perform similar jobs into a single, cohesive unit that allows for better management of emergency response functions. The ESF #8 team is responsible for coordinating the health and medical response during large-scale disasters and emergencies.

What does volunteering for the team consist of?
Individuals selected to assist CHFS will receive training on the federal, state, and cabinet response to emergencies and natural disasters. Specialized training related to specific tasks that will be performed should an emergency arise will also be conducted. Some team members will be pre-designated and trained to assist with the receipt and redistribution of life-saving medicine and medical supplies distributed through the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).

What types of job skills are needed?
Cabinet officials are looking for people with the following skills:
• Data Management (Access and Excel)
• Logistics (warehouse inventory pick teams)
• Inventory Management
• Safety
• Communications

What is the time commitment for this effort?
Trainings and exercises will be conducted throughout the year, with most sessions lasting between two and four hours each. If an emergency or natural disaster occurs that requires a response from CHFS, ESF #8 team members may be asked to work weekends or extended hours.

How can I sign up?
Individuals interested in signing up will need to get their Supervisor’s and Division Director’s approval to join the team and begin the training. An orientation training session will be held on June 28th from 1-3 p.m. in the Distance Learning Center Classroom B in the DPH wing. The online sign-up form is available here. Questions concerning this effort can be directed to Richard Dugas in the Preparedness Branch at 564-7243.

For a list of frequently asked questions concerning the emergency support team, click here.


Last Updated 9/4/2013
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