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Governor's Pandemic Influenza Summit

Information presented at the summit is accurate as of 9/3/09. Information on H1N1 may have changed since these presentations were made. For the latest informationon H1N1, visit 

To view summit presentations and speaker bios, select below:

Welcome and Opening Remarks View Video

  • William Hacker, M.D., FAAP, CPE, Commissioner, Kentucky Department for Public Health, view bio.
  • Janie Miller, Secretary, Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, view bio.
  • Helen W. Mountjoy, Secretary, Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, view bio.

Keynote Address View Video

  • Governor Steven L. Beshear, Commonwealth of Kentucky, view bio.

H1N1 Pandemic – What are we facing? The Science Behind the Pandemic  View Video, View Presentation

  • W. Paul McKinney, M.D., FACP, view bio.
    Professor of Medicine
    Associate Dean, School of Public Health and Information Sciences
    University of Louisville

The Public Health/Emergency Management Perspective View Video

The Educational System Perspective View Video, View Presentation

  • Terry Holliday, Ph.D., Commissioner, Kentucky Department of Education, view bio.

The National Perspective View Video, View Presentation

  • Commander Patricia A. Pettis, M.S., APN-BC, view bio.
    Regional Emergency Coordinator, Health and Human Services/Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness Response - Region IV

Community Mitigation View Video, View Presentation

  • Ruth Carrico, PhD, Assistant Professor, view bio.
    Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences
    Center for Health Hazards Preparedness
    University of Louisville

The Business Perspective View VideoView Presentation

  • Peter Fass, MD , Consumer and Industrial Medical Director, General Electric, view bio.

Reports from Breakout Sessions View Video

Closing Remarks View Video

Summit Breakout Sessions

It Takes a Community -- Community Partnerships Are Vital in Responding to a Pandemic View Video, View Presentation

  • Facilitator:  Jim Rousey, Director, Madison County Health Department, view bio; Capt. Doug Thoroughman, Ph.D., CDC Career Epidemiology Field Officer
  • Presenters:   Madison County Judge Executive – Kent Clark, view bio.
    Madison County School Superintendent – Tommy Floyd, view bio.
    Madison County Emergency Management Director – Carl Richards, view bio.
    Madison County Hospitals – Pat Patton, Saint Joseph Hospital – Berea, view bio; Pat Cornelison, Pattie A. Clay RMC – Richmond, view bio; Brenda Marcum, Pattie A. Clay RMC -- Richmond.
  • Topics:   Preparing as a community, developing community relationships and partnerships.  Understanding day-to-day missions and partnerships mutual benefits.  
  • Handouts: Community Planning, School Pandemic Response Matrix 

Healthcare- Hospital and Clinic setting focused View Video, View Presentation

  • Facilitator:   Dick Bartlett, Kentucky Hospital Association, Mark Sizemore, Kentucky Department for Public Health
  • Presenter:    Bill Ferrell, HEM, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Norton Healthcare
  • Topics:   Personnel Policies for healthcare workers, Vaccinating employees, Protecting the Workforce, Logistical Issues
  • Handouts:

Education View Video, View Presentation

Residential Living/Group Living Facility Issues – What if you can’t “send them home?” View Video, View Presentation

  • Facilitator:   TJ Sugg, Kentucky Department for Public Health
  • Presenter:   Ruth Carrico, Ph.D., University of Louisville, view bio.
  • Topics:   Mitigation in the residential settings such as college and university resident halls, adult assisted living, long-term care facilities, correctional facilities and others.

Risk Communication View Video, View Presentation

  • Facilitator:  Gwenda Bond, Assistant Communications Director, Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, view bio.
  • Presenter:   David Thompson, Kentucky Press Association
    Gary White, President/CEO of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association
  • Topics:   Psychology of Risk Communication during a crisis, working with the media. 

Health Care- Public Health Focused View Video

  • Facilitator:  Charlie Ross, Director, Purchase District Health Department
  • Presenter:   Kraig Humbaugh, MD, MPH, Kentucky Department for Public Health, view bio.
  • Topics:   Community Mitigation, vaccine availability/target groups/distribution, mass vaccination clinic issues.

Healthcare- Surge Capacity View Video

  • Facilitator: Ruth Carrico, PhD, University of Louisville, view bio.
  • Presenter:  Charles Woods, MD, Division of Pediatric Infectious Disease, University of Louisville - View Woods Presentation
    Scott LaJoie, PhD, School of Public Health & Information Science, Univ. of Louisville -  View LaJoie Presentation
  • Topics:   Surge capacity in a clinical setting, resources to address workforce issues and staff stress.

Private Sector Morning Session– Preparing for Pandemic Influenza View Video,  View Presentation

Private Sector Afternoon Session View Video

  • Facilitator:   Dr. Richard Clover, University of Louisville
    Kim Thomas, Kentucky Department for Public Health
  • Presenter:   Peter Fass, MD, Consumer and Industrial Medical Director, General Electric, view bio.
  • Topics:    Private sector needs, Continuity of Operations Planning, Worldwide view of the pandemic.


Last Updated 10/8/2009