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Public Health Preparedness Materials

Over the last year, the Kentucky Department for Public Health has produced several public health preparedness materials, including a brochure, community information pocket card and public health video. The goal of these materials is to increase awareness of and educate Kentuckians about the work of public health at the state and local level to increase community and state-level preparedness to respond to disasters, as well as to share information on how individual Kentuckians can be more prepared or take advantage of opportunities to volunteer.

The materials are downloadable from our Web site. If you require additional copies, please contact Barbara Fox, Public Information Officer, Division of Communications, Cabinet for Health and Family Services at (502) 564-6786 Ext. 4411 or email at

Kentucky Public Health Preparedness Brochure

The Kentucky public health preparedness brochure is a colorful bifold brochure describing the mission of the Department for Public Health. It contains a section for preventing, preparing and coping with disasters. There is a portion on bioterrorism that describes several biological agents, their symptoms and treatment.

Download the brochure.

Kentucky Community Information Pocket Card

The Kentucky community information pocket card was created to help Kentuckians prepare for the unexpected in the event of a disaster. The pocket card opens to reveal important emergency and hotline phone numbers. It also contains information on disaster-related Web sites, a section on bioterrorism, information for those individuals with special needs such as the deaf and hard of hearing, the blind and rural residents. There also is a section for personal and family health information and family disaster planning.

To view or download the pocket information card, please click on the following links:

Kentucky Community Information Pocket Card

Kentucky Community Information Pocket Card Cover


Last Updated 3/3/2009