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Kentucky Tuberculosis Data

To assess the true burden of TB at your facility, and to assist with the completion of yearly facility risk assessments, review:

  1. Yearly TB case rates for your county or district
  2. Yearly TB case rates for surrounding counties
  3. Yearly TB case rates for other counties served by your facility (i.e., patient catchment area)
  4. Yearly TB statistics representing suspected cases of TB*
  5. Five-year average TB incidence
  6. Ten-year average TB incidence

*CDC defines a suspected case of TB as:  “a person for whom there is a high index of suspicion for active TB (e.g., a known contact to an active TB case or a person with signs or symptoms consistent with TB) who is currently under evaluation for TB disease.”  Source

Yearly TB Case Statistics
Ten-Year TB Case Statistics
Yearly Statistics for Confirmed and Suspected Cases of TB


Last Updated 8/22/2017