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Family Share

All families enrolled in First Steps are assessed for ability to pay. Ability to pay is the determination of a family’s financial ability to help with the cost of early intervention services.

During the process of determining ability to pay, families are informed of their right to refuse any service, their right to have the Family Share cost assessed and their right to refuse consent for billing private insurance. Additionally, families are informed of the services provided at no cost to them.

Family Share is one component of the First Steps system of payments. Family Share requires families who are determined to have an ability to pay a participation fee to help defray the cost of their early intervention services. Based on the family’s size, family income and using a sliding fee scale, First Steps payment amounts are calculated and compared to the annual federal poverty guideline. The amount of the fee is not related to the number or frequency of services received by the child. During the child’s enrollment in First Steps, the family is obligated to pay the Family Share participation fee. This monthly participation fee begins the same month early intervention services start and continues until the month of the last session.

Monthly invoices for Family Share participation fees are generated based upon the early intervention services billing data.

Using the total number of identified members of the family and the verified earned income of the identified family members, the service coordinator calculates the applicable monthly payment fee using the current published First Steps Family Share sliding fee scale. The scale ranges from $0 to $400 per month. Families will pay the fee based on one child only, regardless of how many siblings are enrolled in First Steps.

2017 Family Share Chart

Family Share and Medicaid (public insurance)
Families whose children are covered by Medicaid are not charged a Family Share participation fee. Financial verification must be completed.

When the child’s Medicaid coverage ends or lapses, a Family Share participation fee will be charged to the family based upon the information gathered through financial verification. The fee will be charged for the period the child has no Medicaid coverage.

Family Share Fees and Consent to Bill Insurance
Families with both a Family Share participation fee and private health insurance may choose to waive the Family Share participation fee as long as the consent for insurance is active. If the parent withdraws consent to bill insurance, the Family Share participation fee will be reinstated.

Ability to pay must be assessed before consent can be given to bill insurance.

All checks should be made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer and mailed to:

Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Department for Public Health
Attn: Family Share Administrator
First Steps Program
275 E. Main St., Mailstop HS2W-C
Frankfort, KY 40621

If you have questions about Family Share, please contact your service coordinator.

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