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Enrollment Procedures for Becoming a First Steps Service Provider


A new provider is defined as:

  • An independent provider or entity/agency consisting of one or more providers that does not have a current contract and provider number; or
    The personnel who will be providing services under a new contract/ provider number; or
  • A provider who is currently working under another provider entity’s provider number and wants to provide services under his/her own provider number; or
  • A former First Steps provider who is not covered under a current contract and does not have a valid CBIS provider number.

Step 1: Review the qualifications for being approved as a Service Provider.  You must meet highest entry level requirements for one of the following professions.  If you are unsure if you meet the qualifications contact Jackie Neal. Failure to meet qualifications will result in completion of on-line training but failure to qualify for attendance at the face-to-face orientation. 

Step 2: Register for online Service Provider Training

Step 3: First Steps Face-to-Face Orientation

Once you have successfully completed the on-line orientation you will be able to register for face-to-face orientation provided by a First Steps Technical Assistance Team in your area. 


Last Updated 7/22/2010