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Instructions - Form 7: First Steps Professional Development Plan

Form 7 Professional Development Plan - Instructions

Professional Development Plan Coversheet (page 1) is self-explanatory. Under FY (Fiscal Year) enter the period that you are applying for:
FY 2001-2002 (Addendums Only for the Period through June 30, 2002)
FY 2002-2003 (Renewals and New Provider Applications. Addendums submitted after June 30, 2002)
Expectations For Professional Growth Related to Teacher Performance Standards): Refer to New Teacher Standards for Preparatory And Certification: Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Birth to Primary (1995, KY Education Professional Standards Board). Indicate which Teacher Standard (using Roman Numeral and description) and which Performance Criteria (using letters and description) that you will be addressing over the next 12 months. Each Teacher Standard (I-IX) must be addressed.
Actions: Outline what steps you will be taking in order to achieve IECE certification. Be specific.
Evidence: Indicate ways in which you will be able to prove your progress towards completion of the activities detailed above (i.e., documentation of data, contact notes, resources shared with families, certificates of participation in workshops, staff evaluations, enrollment in college courses, etc.). When a First Steps Program Evaluator* reviews personnel qualifications they will need to see documentation to support progress is being made towards IECE certification. All evidence should be maintained in the DI’s personnel record and clearly marked as to which Standard and Criteria are being addressed through the documentation.
Date You Anticipate Action will be Completed: Indicate the date you anticipate completion of meeting the actions for the standard.
Note: In regards to the Evidence Section of Form 7: the DI must be prepared to provide the Program Evaluator, upon request, with evidence of progress being made towards her/his outlined actions. This information should be included in the DI’s personnel record since it is where the Program Evaluator will look for evidence that the DI is making progress towards IECE Standards (and thus maintain his/her status as a First Steps DI). The Program Evaluator is not responsible for examining all records in search of evidence so you should keep copies of all evidence (i.e., copies of staff notes, intervention plans, letters to families, certificates, etc.) in the DI’s personnel record.

Return the Completed Form 7 and Attachments/Supportive Documentation to First Steps Provider Relations at the same time (in the same envelope) that you submit the required forms for provider enrollment for first time providers, renewal of an existing provider agreement, or addendum to an existing provider agreement.


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