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Becoming a First Steps Primary Service Coordinator

(Effective Nov. 16, 2005)

Step One: Review the following qualifications for being approved as a Primary Service Coordinator (PSC).

In accordance with 911 KAR 2:150E, the Primary Service Coordinator shall:

Meet the minimum requirements for one of the professionals or paraprofessionals delineated in the regulation, OR
Provide acceptable documentation that they have a Bachelor’s Degree and documentation of two years experience working with young children ages birth through five years.
Acceptable documentation may include:

Signed employment application at the current work site that includes previous work history; OR
A letter from a previous employer or supervisor that documents the required experience; click here to download a form to send to a former supervisor. This form is not required, however it will provide a method in which to obtain part of the required documentation.
Acceptable documentation should demonstrate skills and competencies in four areas:
Communication skills in interviewing, negotiating and mediating, and providing informal support;
Problem-solving finding and utilizing services and resources, resolving conflicts, integrating services using formal and informal channels, and enabling families to use problem-solving;
Organizing by maintaining accurate data collection and resource information, exhibiting flexibility in scheduling, and developing plans; and
Collaboration and leadership through decision-making skills, and establishing collaborative relationships with service providers.  

Step Two: If you think that you meet the qualifications as listed above for becoming a PSC, your next step is to contact the First Steps University-Based Program Consultant assigned to the county(s) you wish to serve. The Program Consultant will assist you throughout the enrollment process and is your first point of contact for program information.

Step Three: After you have notified the Program Consultant of your intent to apply, you must submit documentation that supports your qualifications. Send a legible copy of the documentation along with a cover letter that specifies your request to be approved as a PSC to:

Jackie Neal
Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Department for Public Health
Adult and Child Health Services
Early Childhood Development Branch
275 East Main Street, HS2W-C
Frankfort, KY 40621

When your credentials for PSC status are accepted, you will receive written notification from Department for Public Health. (You later will attach this letter to your enrollment application.)

Step Four: You will next complete the Web-based introduction to First Steps training, mandatory post-tests, and provider enrollment forms. Contact your First Steps Program Consultant if you need assistance.

The training consists of three training tracks. After you complete each training track, you will be instructed to download/print and complete the mandatory post-test.

Track I (PowerPoint File)or Track I (PDF File)

Track I Post Test (PDF File)

Track II (PowerPoint File)or Track II (PDF File)

Track II Post Test (PDF File)

Track III (PowerPoint File) or Track III (PDF File)

Track III Post Test (PDF File)

Note: Effective July 1, 2003, all new providers are required to complete the Web-based introduction to First Steps training. This includes providers who are currently providing services: under another CBIS provider agreement; under her/his own CBIS number as an independent provider; or, are adding or changing a discipline from which they are currently approved as a provider.

Step Five: The CBIS Provider Enrollment Form (Form 6) requires you to specify if someone other than the providers listed on this form will be responsible for billing activities. If the answer is yes, then she/he must complete Track Two of the Introductory Training, which covers the First Steps Central Billing and Information System, and the post-test for Track Two.

Step Six: At this point, you will have completed the following actions:

1. You have determined that you meet the personnel qualifications for the discipline as specified in 911 KAR 2: 150;
2. You have written documentation from Department for Public Health that you have been approved/credentialed as a PSC;
3. You have contacted the First Steps Program Consultant responsible for the county(s) in which you will practice and informed her of your intent to enroll as a provider;
4. You have completed each of the three tracks of the mandatory Web-based "Introduction to First Steps" training and the required post-tests;
5. You have legible copies of required licenses, certificates, etc.;
6. You have accurately completed the required provider enrollment forms as specified in Introduction to First Steps, Track Three;
7. You have signed and dated the forms as indicated in the instructions.

Step Seven: You will provide the First Steps Program Consultant with the following information/enrollment "packet":

1.  Mandatory post-tests completed by each provider listed on CBIS Provider Enrollment Form (Form 6), including the post-test for track two if someone other than a provider listed on Form 6 is responsible for billing.
2.  Legible credentials (licenses, registrations, certificates, etc.) as required under 911 KAR 2:150 for each provider listed on the Form 6. All licenses, registrations, etc. must be current; expired documents will not be accepted.
3.  Provider Enrollment Forms, including the: 

          Form 5: First Steps Provider Agreement 
          Form 6: First Steps CBIS Provider Enrollment Form
          Form 8: First Steps Provider Agreement Electronic Media Addendum
A copy of the letter from Department for Public Health that you are approved to be a PSC.

Step Eight: The First Steps Program Consultant will score your post-tests and review your credentials and completed provider enrollment forms.

If you score less than 100% or have made errors or omitted information, the Program Consultant will return the entire enrollment packet to you. You will have the opportunity to correct your errors and omissions and return the enrollment packet to the Program Consultant for re-review.

Step Nine: You will then be required to complete mandatory training for becoming a PSC: Service Coordination Training (five days).

After you have successfully completed and returned the mandatory post-tests, provider enrollment forms, and provided the required licenses, certificates, registrations, etc., you will be scheduled by the Program Consultant to attend the five-day service coordination training.

Step Ten: Once you have completed the first four days of the required five day service coordination training, you will receive an interim certificate. You must provide a copy of the training certificate to the First Steps Program Consultant.

Step Eleven: The Program Consultant will forward the provider’s enrollment information/packet, including the training certificate, to the Department for Public Health Provider Relations for processing.

Step Twelve: The Department for Public Health Provider Relations will notify and send you a CBIS provider number after you are approved to be as an interim First Steps primary service coordinator.

You can begin to provide and bill First Steps services only after you receive written approval and a CBIS provider number.

Step Thirteen: Within six months, you must attend a fifth day of service coordination training. It is a one-day session. During the Service Coordination Training, you will be required to complete assignments, observe IFSP meetings, and practice service coordination.

Step Fourteen: After you complete the assignments and attend the fifth day of service coordination training, you will receive a certificate of completion. You must send a copy of this certificate to:

Cabinet for Health and Family Services
DPH - ACHI - Early Childhood Development Branch
First Steps Provider Relations
275 East Main Street HS2C
Frankfort, KY 40621

Be sure to include your CBIS provider number and other identifying information such as your daytime phone number and address.

If you do not complete the assignments and attend the fifth day of service coordination training within six months from your approval date as an interim primary service coordinator, your provider status as a primary service coordinator will be revoked.

Call your First Steps Program Consultant at any time during the enrollment process and the period in which you are approved as an interim primary service coordinator if you have a question or require assistance.


Last Updated 7/3/2007