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Information for Families

Information for Families

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Important Information for Families

  The Department for Public Health assumes responsibility for administration of the First Steps Family Share, including billing.  Based on your family’s income and size, you will be required to make Family Share payments ranging from $20 to $100 per month to share in the cost of your child’s early intervention services.  Family Share is a monthly participation fee that is not based upon how many or how few services are received in a given month.  The Department for Public Health will send your Family Share bill to you and you will mail your payments to the Department for Public Health.  You are responsible for Family Share beginning in the month that services start.  Please ask your service coordinator to contact the Financial Case Manager if your services will start in a different month than your first Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) meeting.

  Families participating in First Steps Family Share will receive a monthly invoice that includes:

·        Family Share participation fee for the month indicated on the bill.

·        Amount of previously unpaid balance, if any.

·        Total balance of their Family Share account.

Families who choose to use their insurance (those with insurance coverage only) are also required to pay their monthly Family Share.  If service providers receive insurance payments in a calendar year that equal or exceed your total Family Share amount for the same calendar year, you will no longer be responsible for Family Share for the rest of that calendar year.  You will also receive a refund of Family Share payments you made for that calendar year.  If you use First Steps service providers who accept your insurance, you are not responsible for insurance co-pays or deductibles.

  Families who use their insurance need to save their “Explanation of Benefits” (EOBs) they receive from their insurance company.  It is your responsibility to notify the Financial Case Manager and to send her a copy of your EOBs when insurance payments equal or exceed your total Family Share amount for the calendar year.  You may call her at 502-564-3756, Ext. 4050.

  Please note the following:

·        Children covered under Medicaid do not pay Family Share (even if your child has both private health insurance and Medicaid).

·        Families who are covered by both private insurance and Medicaid are required to have their insurance billed, per state and federal Medicaid regulations.

·        Families who have more than one child enrolled in First Steps are only responsible for one Family Share payment. 

  All checks should be made payable to Kentucky State Treasurer and mailed to:

Family Share Administrator
Department for Public Health
ACHI - First Steps
275 E. Main Street - HS2W-C
Frankfort, KY  40621

  If you have questions about Family Share, please call your service coordinator.


Department for Public Health/Division of Adult and Child Health Improvement/ First Steps
275 East Main Street
Frankfort, KY 40621
(502) 564-3756
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Last Updated 4/15/2005